Mi Primer Bitcoin Launches Open Source Bitcoin Diploma

Mi Primer Bitcoin, a nonprofit in El Salvador, launches open source Bitcoin Diploma emphasizing global, independent and impartial education.
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SAN SALVADOR, April 1, 2024 – Mi Primer Bitcoin, a bitcoin education non-profit rooted in El Salvador, has announced its new and improved Bitcoin Diploma. This 2024 edition of the Student Workbook highlights the fast pace in which the organization pushes for global, independent, impartial, and community-led bitcoin-only education.

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Mi Primer Bitcoin, also known as My First Bitcoin, started in 2021 with bitcoin classes in El Salvador after the Bitcoin Law went into effect. In June 2022, it kicked off the first 10-week Bitcoin Diploma with 38 public school students in El Salvador. This was the first time a Bitcoin Diploma program existed anywhere in the world in any public school system.

Mi Primer Bitcoin: Open Source Bitcoin Education

The Bitcoin Diploma has grown rapidly and expanded internationally in the two years since launch. The non-profit now works with the Ministry of Education in El Salvador, which has created its own Bitcoin Diploma using the open-source workbook as its primary source material.

As part of a pilot program with the government, and along with Bitcoin Beach, My First Bitcoin is in the process of training 700 public school teachers distributed throughout the country who will in turn teach the Bitcoin Diploma in their local schools. My First Bitcoin also launched a self-governing ‘Node Network’ of front-line Bitcoin educators in March 2023, with over 29 educational projects from more than 18 countries currently using the Bitcoin Diploma. Since everything My First Bitcoin creates is open-source, many more around the world are teaching the workbook on their own initiative.

The release of the 2024 edition marks a practical implementation of My First Bitcoin’s mission: To accelerate Bitcoin adoption and financial empowerment globally.

The Bitcoin Diploma covers topics varying from the history of money, the emergence of government money, all the problems that today’s fiat money introduced to society and how these issues lead to solutions. It introduces Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, how to use it in everyone’s daily life, the technical workings and why we need Bitcoin.

Community-led Translations

This 175-page diploma book, divided into 10 chapters and intended for a 10-week learning program, is a testament to the goal of bringing open source and community-led Bitcoin education to the world. All materials are publicly available on GitHub, and every individual is invited and encouraged to participate in the translation of this new flagship.

The 2023 workbook has already been translated into 23 languages, including Korean, Swahili, Luganda, Russian, Tamil, Japanese, and Hindi, by a network of more than 40 international bitcoin educators. Completely in line with the vision of My First Bitcoin, this is done in a decentralized manner: Community-led.

John Dennehy, founder and executive director of Mi Primer Bitcoin, explains:

“We believe Bitcoin education will change the world, and this new edition is a big step in that direction. Learning financial literacy for the Bitcoin Era is empowering and leads to significant second-order effects. That knowledge will encourage us to build, to create and to plan further into the future–and that changes everything.”

If you want to read this newly launched Diploma, check out the GitHub page to get more information about the workbook and/or translations.

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