President Bukele builds “Haven for Freedom” with Bitcoin

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El Salvador Bitcoin President Bukele

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Removing Red Tape in El Salvador

El Salvadors President Nayib Bukele is introducing 52 legal reforms to remove regulations open up markets not only for international investments but for Freedom. “The plan is simple: as the world falls into tyranny, we’ll create a haven for freedom.” he commented in the announcement on Twitter.

The government of Bukele has been very consistent and confident in moving El Salvador towards liberalization, open markets and full legalization of Bitcoin, so this continuation of libertarian policies is no surprise but still great news!

Haven for Libertarians, Ancaps and Bitcoiners?

Bitcoiners and Libertarians world wide are looking at the developments in the small nation with high hopes but also a certain amount of skepticism. Can El Salvador attract enough support, talent and funding to go against the WEF globalist agenda? It is not easy to be a nation defending Freedom in a fiat world where civil rights erode on a massive scale but so far its going well!

Unseen Growth

During 2021 El Salvadors GDP has grown an unseen 10,3% and according to the Central Reserve Bank (BCR) the country’s exports grew by 13% in January of this year, a record. Who would have thought that applying simple principles of Austrian Economics could have lead to this?

Despite the FUD of the old powers like the IMF about the dangers of Bitcoin and Freedom, El Salvador has quickly become an important example for of alternative development for other small nations around the world. I wish them the best and can not wait to visit!

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