30th June, 2020 – The BTC Peers cryptocurrency news platform is looking to serve its audience by being the first to publish insider reports that may be useful to decision makers. BTC Peers is also looking to publish news before they occur or are announced. To obtain this information, BTC Peers is inviting both representatives of companies and insiders to help out. The site is ready to pay from $50 up to $5,000 for insider reports or news tips which lead to a published article based on the information provided.

Resources can send their tips, questions or completed articles via [email protected]


The decision to publish will be made on the basis of the uniqueness, importance, and quality of the information the sources are ready to provide. The decision on the amount of remuneration will be made on the basis of the number of views, reposts, and links to the article, as well as the subjective opinion of the owner of the resource.

Andrey Sergeenkov, CEO of BTC Peers, believes that:

“the cryptocurrency industry craves independent platforms whose purpose is to convey information to investors, traders and decision makers before the news becomes relevant.” 

Andrey added that he perfectly understands the frustrations of people of the highest echelons who come to major news sites, and end up having to deal with annoying personal data-collection, endless banners, pop-ups, and requests to subscribe to yet another useless newsletter.


You Are Not Traffic

BTC Peers has gone with a marketing-free approach, which means that readers will be free from data-collection, banners, pop-ups and other intrusive techniques that were invented by marketers to extract the maximum benefit from traffic – their word for their readers.

Andrey Sergeenkov commented:

“We treat our readers like people and will never chase a million audiences. – We would better serve helping the individual decision-makers than would crunching by millions in gray metrics that have no actual value.”


Other Opportunities

BTC Peers also invites any interested news sites, startups, or PR agencies to collaborate, as well as those individuals who simply want to make the world a better place. BTC Peers is also looking for guest articles from talented authors and analysts who want to convey their thoughts to an audience that has great influence in the industry. Some articles will be paid, depending on the quality of content, from $10 to $500. The decision on the amount of remuneration will be made based on the number of views, reposts, and links to the article, as well as the subjective opinion of the owner of the resource.


Website https://btcpeers.com/

Email [email protected]

Twitter https://twitter.com/Nikopolos

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergeenkov/


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