Odyssey, a Singapore based blockchain company focused on the future of the decentralized sharing economy, has recently completed integration into the oBIke Global Bike Sharing Platform. This successfully completes the last major milestone of Phase 1 in Odyssey’s roadmap, which focused on MVP (minimum viable product) realization.

This followed the successful token sale earlier this year, with 10 billion tokens issued and 60% of them in circulation.

Age of Oversupply

Odyssey predicts that in the future sharing will be the norm, with private ownership becoming a luxury. With declining transaction costs, consumers are purchasing more, bringing us into an age of oversupply. Sharing has grown exponentially because of this, but the sharing economy is still far from optimum. With Odysssey however, users will soon be able to share according to their budget, as well as how much they truly need something.

Founded in January 2017, oBike completed one of the largest fundraising rounds in Southeast Asia, raising $45 million USD for their station-less bike sharing platform to provide a hassle free, sustainable, and economic mode of transportation in busy cities.

Critical First Step

This is the first step in their mission of creating a universal credit/ trust-based protocol with blockchain technical solutions to not only augment marketplace efficiency, but also bring the sharing economy market to the next level.

The platform will now use Odyssey’s digital assets mobile payment solution, Odssey Wallet, making OCN the fire digital asset integrated into the sharing economy. This integration will also enhance efficiency of international payment of over 10 million oBike users through the wallet and usage of the OCN token.

With users in over 17 countries now using the token, which acts as both a social credit and reward based protocol, the Odyssey Protocol is not stopping here and is continuing to explore further integration opportunities and partnerships.

Partnership With Tron As Well

For example, the decentralized sharing platform already has a partnership with TRON, looking to create a decentralized internet and usher in the next web 4.0 blockchain Dapp platform. TRON aims to achieve this through constructing a worldwide content entertainment system alongside distributed storage technology.

The partnership with TRON will enable cross-ecosystem collaboration, allowing for users to not only experience a decentralized sharing experience, but a decentralized internet as well.

While the wallet does better link users across the 17 countries, the blockchain technology that powers the wallet also lowers trust and increases trust in the sharing economy, since the wallet lowers cost and improves confirmation times.

Later down the road, Odyssey will see Phase II (ecosystem establishment) and Phase III will commence from late 2019 into 2021.

About Odyssey

Odyssey (OCN) is initiated by Odyssey Protocol Foundation, registered in Singapore.

ODYSSEY’s mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & Peer to Peer Ecosystem. ODYSSEY aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the Global sharing economy & peer to peer ecosystem.

To learn more visit the Website : http://www.ocoins.cc/home/index.php

Read the White Paper http://www.ocoins.cc/home/index.php#whitepaper

Chat with us on Telegram: https://t.me/OdysseyOfficial

Connect on Twitter – https://twitter.com/OdysseyOCN

Meet the Team – http://www.ocoins.cc/home/index.php#tech-team

See our Github – https://github.com/OdysseyProtocol

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