It would be fascinating to know how Satoshi intended Bitcoin to look like 11 years down the road. When it comes to the price of BTC, was it possible for him to predict that $20,000 USD all-time high? Would he think it would hold firmly in 4-figure territory for years? He probably did.

That is not a wild assumption. After all, Satoshi made Bitcoin divisible up to one hundredth million of a coin – 8 decimal places. Which is just one reason why it makes sense to use a USD to Bitcoin currency converter.

It is time to use a price tracker that tells us the price of $1 USD in Bitcoin, using the smallest denomination BTC can be broken into: The Satoshi! A Bitcoin Satoshis to USD converter is the way to go if you really want to understand how powerful BTC is. Now, thanks to HodlHard, you can do just that on any of your websites

HodlHard’s Fiat to Sats Price Tracker

HodlHard has built a Bitcoin Satoshis to USD converter WordPress plugin to track fiat prices in BTC. The plugin displays information that is updated every minute, picking up Bitcoin prices from various sources. It then flips the script – just like Satoshi did – on the traditional economy: It displays the price of a single unit of fiat money in Sats.

With this plugin you can track the price of fiat currencies in Bitcoin. Your site can feature the price of:

  • USD – US Dollar
  • EUR – Euro
  • JPY – Japanese Yen
  • GBP – British Pound
  • Other leading world and regional currencies

Why would you want to Use a Bitcoin Satoshis to USD Converter?

You might be asking yourself why is it at all useful to track price this way? The answer goes beyond the elegance of trying to make a point about inflation or the weakness of the fiat system. This Bitcoin Satoshis to USD converter is actually useful. With it, you can figure out the following:

  • Transaction price equivalents in fiat – these are usually displayed in Sats
  • Fiat equivalents of Lightning Network transactions – which are tracked in Sats
  • How much your cash back savings are worth in fiat when you are stacking Sats

How does the HodlHard Bitcoin Price Plugin Work?

Now that you can see the utility in this Bitcoin price tracker, you can install it on your WordPress site. Just head right over to the HodlHard and download it. We have been using it for months, delivering a service that our readers have found to be useful. Now you can give the users of your website the same advantage.

Also feel free to check out some of our Bitcoin service and apps focused reviews and resources or

Additional Questions About the HodlHard Bitcoin Satoshis to USD Converter

If you have any other questions about this fiat to Sats currency converter, you can contact HodlHard’s team through the official Hodl Hard twitter or through our Bitcoin blog


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