Vaultoro is the world’s leading and most established Gold to cryptocurrency exchange. Since starting in 2015 the exchange has been responsible for many firsts over the years in the bitcoin space. Today the relaunch of their referral program brings another first; users being rewarded actual physical gold for referring people to the platform.

Giving Away the Gold

The gold giveaway is meant to celebrate the Vaultoro community and reward users for being part of the company’s success story. For every new user that is referred and trades on the platform, the referrer and the new users will each get ½ gram of actual gold bullion. 

The gold plus the 20% commission on all trading fees for 2 years aim to make Vaultoro’s referral program one of the most lucrative rewards programs in the crypto space.

“We believe that our users are the reason we have been so successful” said Phillip Scigala, Vaultoro Co–Founder, “so when it comes time to paying for marketing we want to see as much of that as possible go to the community instead of a 3rd party advertising platform”

Security is Paramount

Vaultoro has always believed that there is a great opportunity to protect against Fiat using rare metals and rare cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In recent years, the platform has expanded to include Dash as well. First and foremost, Vaultoro has always been about security and transparency, which is why there is such a high level of transparency in the platform and public audits are an integral part of the platform. 

Community First

But the Vaultoro team has also always been about community. And much of Vaultoro’s growth has come from word of mouth referrals from loyal users. 

“Bitcoin as a phenomenon was built by word of mouth and referrals” said Joshua Scigala, Co-Founder of Vaultoro, “and we believe that community and organic growth is still one of the most powerful and underutilized forces in crypto.”

Referral Rewards

This is exactly the thinking behind this referral program relaunch. By adding even more incentives to an already popular referral system, Vaultoro aims to show the crypto space what a truly successful crypto affiliate program can achieve.

The details are all available on the Vaultoro website but in a nutshell referrers get:

  • 20% of trading fees of people they refer
  • 5% of trading fees of 2nd tier referrals
  • ½ gram of gold for each active trader

Plus the new active traders also each get ½ gram of gold, so that makes referring that much easier. Terms and conditions do apply and are available on

For more information about the referral program or if you’re interested in promoting Vaultoro as an affiliate please visit or contact us at Affiliates(@)

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