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Propaganda & Fear vs Bitcoin & Love

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The price of Bitcoin, according to all the press-release copiers out there, depends utterly on what’s happening in Ukraine. Today’s headlines tell us that Bitcoin jumped more than 15% on Monday “as the Treasury Department announced sanctions against Russia’s central bank and froze some Russian assets”. A few days ago, the price was “plunging”, as the Evil Putin was invading Ukraine.

If you search for bitcoin news, all of the first page of results are quite simply anti-Russian propaganda thinly disguised as news. It’s likely the same whatever you want to read about. “Bunnimix Scarcities Feared As Russia Invasion Intensifies” screams the Bunny Lovers’ Journal, “Many rabbits expected to perish because Putin”.

War is bad, don’t misunderstand me.

The forces who want to decide what you should think really do not give a crap about people getting killed in Ukraine. Their propaganda is designed to create war, not to end it. We have to remember that this is the same mainstream media who deliberately caused millions of deaths a few years back by lying that Iraq had tossed babies out of incubators “onto the cold, hard floor”. US lawmakers promptly authorized the first Iraq war. Then they lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction to enable the second Iraq war.

They lied about Libya too, causing a massive invasion and bombing campaign with huge civilian casualties. They enabled the “brave rebels” to re-introduce slave markets and the forced mutilation of women. They openly cheered and celebrated as Qaddafi was buggered to death with bayonets by semi-human maniacs And here they are again. Whatever they are up to we can be sure it is evil.

We should ignore them not only when they are making their dire predictions about the “death of bitcoin” but also when they are giving excuses as to why it has gone up in spite of their previous dumb opinions. We should just ignore everything they say because all they do is get their instructions on what propaganda they are to write about today, then use their computers to see what is trending. What’s early trending is what people are actually interested in, and their job is to hijack every news story, no matter what.

The truly interesting stuff is what they don’t say—what they hide by omission. They don’t tell you how bitcoin is decentralized and not owned by anyone. How governments don’t get to print it and decide who gets it. They omit to tell you that these wars will not be able to happen any more once bitcoin takes over as the currency of choice.

Propaganda & Fear vs Bitcoin & Love

The warmongers are sick old men who hate life, hate happiness and only want to suck the color out of everything. The mainstream media are totally bought by them, using money they printed out of nothing. Then they have the cheek to point at bitcoin and say it has “no intrinsic value”. Their money is based on greed, hatred and fear. Our money is based on our confidence that love can conquer the fear they create.

Bitcoin has become one of the biggest currencies in the world purely from the efforts of the people themselves, with no support whatsoever from the forces that prop up the banker money system. It has grown in spite of them and its value and power lie in its ability to make them and their bullshit irrelevant in the world by manifesting our will without reference to them.

PS: I started this with the intention of relaying what’s happening—what’s going on with bitcoin. I stopped because I was physically unable to swallow any more bullshit, I was gagging from it. I apologize, I just can’t do this. What has happened is that bitcoin is back up again, compared to the US dollar and I really don’t give a flying fuck how many dollars, rubles or postman pat pennies it’s worth.

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