Record-Setting Baseball Card Auction Accepts Bitcoin Payments

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Record-Setting Baseball Card Auction Accepts Bitcoin Payments

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Evan Mathis, a former Linesman who played in the US National Football League has placed a football card with the world’s largest collectables auctioneer for sale hoping it will sell for over USD 3.5 million. The auctioneers, Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas say that the item a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle should eclipse the current record for a baseball card of USD 3.12 million.

Mathis told Associated Press that he had no concerns about accepting a Bitcoin payment or any other cryptocurrency payment for the card. He said he was happy to let Bitcoin millionaires “jump in” in an effort to make the bids available to all comers, including those with alternative methods of payment.

Mathis suggests that the proceeds of the sale will go towards the purchase of a dream home, perhaps one of those that has been exclusively listed for a Bitcoin purchase.

Bitcoin purchases becoming trendy

Buying property with Bitcoin is on the rise as is selling. Many investors use Bitcoin as their currency of choice and expect this trend to be extended to the purchase of vehicles and property. There are now more cryptocurrency real estate purchases than ever before. As agents rush to offer their clients the best service they are far more open to new and innovative purchasing methods in order to make a sale.

AHJ Auction House in Japan, who’ve partnered with Coinify, is one of the latest auctioneers to promote the use of Bitcoin as payment, selling used Japanese cars for use in Japan or export to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Oceania.

The first auction house to promote and allow the use of Bitcoin payments was Saint Agostino Auctions in Turin where furniture, paintings, jewellery and watches were sold last year accepting the digital currency.

To date, online Australian Company Bitify has processed USD 6 billion from online auctioning using Bitcoin or Litecoin as payment for 75,000 items auctioned through their service. Credit cards and bank transfers are not permitted.

The growth of cryptocurrency as an alternative payment is no more evident than on the high street with more companies embracing the technology daily along with household names such as; Overstock, Expedia, Paypal, Shopify, DISH, Microsoft Corporation and Amazon.








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