Trust Is Dead – Evolution Of The Dollar System

What has been happening more than anything in the last century, and what most people haven’t caught on to yet, equals to Trust is dead. Prohibition of Gold Due to the pressures of economic growth, the Federal Reserve had to find a mechanism to increase money velocity in 1913, which necessitated the creation of debt. […]

Powell Destroys Credibility, Says Inflation is Forever

Powell Destroys Credibility

Jerome Powell, the 16th chair of the United States Federal Reserve, said in a recent statement that sky-high inflation might become permanent. This is in sharp contrast, a full 180 degree pivot, to the statement that he gave a year ago claiming that inflation would be transitory. Despite multiple interest rate hikes, the US economy […]

Real Estate Or Bitcoin, What’s The Better Trade?

Bitcoin vs Real Estate

Trading real estate for bitcoin and vice versa is becoming more common. More and more property developers are starting to accept bitcoin, bitcoin-backed mortgage companies are starting up, and individual transactions are rising. But what are the pitfalls and opportunities for both sides? Let’s take a closer look. Nestled about halfway down on the south side […]

$30 Trillion U.S. Debt Spiral Could Spill Over to Bitcoin

US Debt Jerome Powell

The U.S. debt is higher than ever. Could a default scenario be beneficial for bitcoin? Because the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it’s critical to comprehend the consequences of the U.S. debt crisis for the global financial system’s survival. Furthermore, while everyone is concerned about the highest inflation rate since 1981 (8.6% in […]

Why all investors need to own gold – and bitcoin

Bitcoin and Gold

This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on Moneyweek. I was lucky enough to find myself on GB News at the weekend, standing in for the veteran broadcaster Alastair Stewart, who was taking some no doubt well-deserved time off. No prizes for guessing what subject was the main focus of the two two-hour programmes. […]

How to explain Bitcoin to your grandmother

Bitcoin Orange Pill

You’re the absolute Bitcoin boss, but you have a hard time explaining cryptocurrencies to your friends and family? Here’s a version that even your grandmother will understand. The Bitcoin price is currently in a downward spiral. Nevertheless, many are probably wondering whether it is worth getting in at a low price. After all, the classic […]

Don’t put Bitcoin in IRA!, Here’s why…

Bitcoin IRA

401(k), Roth 401(k), and Traditional Individual Retirement Account IRAs are seen as ‘no-brainers’ when it comes to finding unused capital to stack bitcoin for your retirement. But nobody is talking about the long-term implications that pose enormous risks to those seeking to use their IRA to finance a bitcoin purchase. What is an IRA? Standing […]

$4.5T AUM Fidelity Offering Bitcoin to 401(k) Investors, an Industry First

Fidelity Investments announced Tuesday that it will begin offering Bitcoin to 401(k) investors, making it the first provider to do so. By mid-2022, the Bitcoin service will be offered to 23,000 employers who use Fidelity to manage their retirement. Fidelity is the nation’s largest retirement plan provider, with $11.3 trillion in assets under management, and […]

Startup from Austria lets you buy Bitcoin in 4 Taps

buy bitcoin in austria

To bring bitcoin to the mainstream, Austrian startup 21bitcoin is aiming to disrupt traditional finance. Their app just launched in the stores last week and promises users to purchase bitcoin within just 4 taps. The wait is finally over for the founders of 21bitcoin. Their new app has just launched for Android and iOS and […]

I bought my first Bitcoin at Age 67


I was at or near retirement age, with very little savings and investments. I believe the Bitcoin price was at about $3000 per coin, a rather hefty amount, for my personal situation… Many things have been written on Bitcoin by many eloquent writers, PhD’s, other supporters, economic forecasters, critics and people who have so much […]