Satoshi’s $1 Million Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Hits Blockstream Satellite

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Another Bitcoin treasure hunt is on the way, this time worth USD I million in the flagship cryptocurrency.

Satoshi’s Treasure, designed to “test the resolve, courage, intelligence, and savvy [sic] of would-be hunters”, has been launched through a broadcast to the Blockstream Satellite this week enabling gamesters, hunters and would be millionaires the chance to own 198 BTC at current rates.

The last of such hunts was set in France in January this year when French crypto artist Pascal Boyart hid the public keys to a USD 1,000 in BTC prize in his mural based on Delacroix’s original “Liberty Leading the People” in honor of yellow vest protesters standing up against government cuts in streets of Paris.

The anonymous gamemaster on this occasion has lifted the stakes considerably suggesting that they will provide clues to the one million dollar reward on the website with the three magic keys to come. A message reads:

“What you are reading is the first clue in a grand Hunt. It is not the first Hunt, nor of course will it be the last one, but the hunt is MINE, and so it is to me that you must prove yourself.”

The challenge of Satoshi’s Treasure is to find just 400 out of a thousand pieces of the Bitcoin stash’s private key referring to this process as the “splitting magic of the wizard Shamir”, a method employed by Israeli cryptographer Adi Shamir who is said to have originally invented the secret key sharing mechanism, rather than to a magical spell in Lord of the Rings.

The first three keys will be provided over the next three days at three different locations across the globe according to the initial message.  Those solving the riddle using Shamir’s “spell of recombination”, the gamemaster assures his followers, “the treasure will be irrevocably yours”.


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