Can Bitcoin Accumulation Outperform Active Trading?

Bitcoiners cannot be manipulated

Part 1 – A Rat Experiment Today I watched a science YouTube video that showed how rats could be smarter than human beings. It was a Veritasium production on the four things it takes to become a master. In the video, a red button and a blue button were set up. The red button flashes […]

Trust Is Dead – Evolution Of The Dollar System

What has been happening more than anything in the last century, and what most people haven’t caught on to yet, equals to Trust is dead. Prohibition of Gold Due to the pressures of economic growth, the Federal Reserve had to find a mechanism to increase money velocity in 1913, which necessitated the creation of debt. […]

Bitcoin Crashed? Do this.

bitcoin week recap

Bitcoin crashed, but don’t focus on price, take this chance to reevaluate how you spend your time. Reinvent yourself, better yourself, find a way to participate in something more than you. Hell, you could even write an article for BitcoinNews.Com!  Or are you feeling blue because some altcoin you staked is going to zero? You […]

Tesla Sold 936 Million Dollars of Bitcoin 

Tesla Sold 936 Million Dollars of Bitcoin

Tesla sold $936 million worth of bitcoin in the second quarter of 2022. The announcement came today in the Q2 earnings report from the company.  The move came as the car maker feared the greater macro environment, and “given the uncertainty of the COVID lockdowns in China” they wanted to clear some cash flow.  The […]

Peter Schiff’s Bank Gets Closed in Puerto Rico

Peter Schiff's Bank Gets Closed in Puerto Rico

The Euro Pacific International Bank, founded by well-known American stockbroker and Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff, was instructed to halt its activities by regulators in Puerto Rico. Schiff has responded to the news on Twitter by stating that there is no proof of any wrongdoing. The bank reportedly had overall accumulated losses of nearly $4 million, having reached […]

Zoltan Pozsar, Bretton Woods III and Bitcoin

Zoltan Pozsar, an analyst at the Swiss financial firm Credit Suisse, published a document in March anticipating frictions between commodity-producing countries and those with currencies backed by “full-faith and credit.” He predicted how a war between countries, such as Russia and Ukraine, would bring down the world monetary system as we know it today. Pozsar […]

Bank of America is Bullish on Bitcoin

Bank of America is Bullish on Bitcoin

Bank of America is leaning bullish on Bitcoin after it recently shared an optimistic bitcoin chart in its June 2022 global research report. The chart depicts bitcoin surviving numerous crashes over the years, rallying each time to an all time high. Bitcoin has been called a bubble by several crypto critics, including Warren Buffett and […]

Can Bitcoin Steal Gold’s $12T Market Cap?

Gold vs Bitcoin

Despite having a lower market valuation of $364 billion and a price in the $20,000 range, bitcoin has outperformed gold over the past ten years. Bitcoin vs. gold is one of the oldest debates among hard money advocates. Given that gold prices are expected to reach $3,000 to $5,000 per ounce in the next five […]

El Salvador Bought 80 Bitcoin at $19,000

El Salvador has once again made an extremely bullish move by adding 80 more bitcoin to its holding. The 80 bitcoin were purchased at an average price of $19,000, as per the Twitter post from Nayib Bukele, the president of the Central American country. El Salvador, after adopting bitcoin as legal tender in September 2021, […]

54 Million Brazilians Now Able To Buy Bitcoin On Nubank

Nubank Offers Bitcoin

Bitcoin enthusiasts can now purchase bitcoin (BTC) via Brazilian Nubank, one of the world’s largest online banks. This will give around 54 million users and more than 1 million companies the option to transfer funds using the blockchain-based currency. The online bank has introduced Nubank Cripto, the “new Nu app solution” and with the launch, […]