How To Navigate The Rapidly Changing Investment Landscape

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The investment landscape has changed dramatically over the past year. Here’s how investors can profit This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on MoneyWeek Money evolves constantly.  Every day there is some tiny new fintech development, but it’s only when you take a step back and look at the ten-, twenty- or thirty-year picture that […]

Bankers Want You To Limit Your Life

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This article was originally published by Austin Litman on When oil spiked during the 1980 energy crisis, New Zealand asked its citizens to pick 1 day of the week when they couldn’t drive. They had to use stickers on their car to show this, and if they didn’t listen, they were fined. The government […]

Jeff Bezos Is Selling Amazon Stock According To Insider Trading Website

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This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Have you ever wondered what trades billionaires make on their own companies? If you saw Jeff Bezos dumping Amazon stock in massive quantities, would it influence your investment decision in Amazon? Well, you can check this and more at or click on a search below that […]

FTX Is A Symptom Of Fiat Greed But Bitcoin Should Be Sovereign Saving

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This article was originally published by Yael Ossowski on substack A major cryptocurrency exchange on the brink. Another shuttered after outright fraud, deception, and criminal behavior. Yet more feeling the heat of digital bank runs. To outside observers, the world of Bitcoin and its crypto-offspring must seem daunting and chaotic. And while that may be […]

Why ‘Inflation Is Transitory’ Can’t Be True

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This article was originally published by Austin Litman on What happened to “inflation is transitory”? Why were we told that inflation wasn’t going to last? Because they were able to get away with it and wanted to keep the population calm. The average Joe doesn’t know how inflation works, so the Fed can say […]

How To Protect Your Wealth During Record High 10.1% Inflation

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This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on MoneyWeek Inflation in the UK has just hit 10.1%, says the Office for National Statistics.  That is five times the Bank of England’s stated target of 2%.  FIVE TIMES!  Sorry to shout.  The joy of the public sector is that you can be this bad at […]

The “New Normal” Is Poverty, And Here’s Why

The New Normal Is Poverty, And Here's Why

Macro economist Abams Pascal explains the dynamics of money, credit, and bonds to illustrate how fiat currencies are collapsing and why bonds would make a better investment under a Bitcoin standard.

Can Bitcoin Accumulation Outperform Active Trading?

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Part 1 – A Rat Experiment Today I watched a science YouTube video that showed how rats could be smarter than human beings. It was a Veritasium production on the four things it takes to become a master. In the video, a red button and a blue button were set up. The red button flashes […]

Trust Is Dead – Evolution Of The Dollar System

What has been happening more than anything in the last century, and what most people haven’t caught on to yet, equals to Trust is dead. Prohibition of Gold Due to the pressures of economic growth, the Federal Reserve had to find a mechanism to increase money velocity in 1913, which necessitated the creation of debt. […]

Bitcoin Crashed? Do this.

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Bitcoin crashed, but don’t focus on price, take this chance to reevaluate how you spend your time. Reinvent yourself, better yourself, find a way to participate in something more than you. Hell, you could even write an article for BitcoinNews.Com!  Or are you feeling blue because some altcoin you staked is going to zero? You […]