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Michael Saylor Believes American Voters Will Demand 2024 Presidential Candidates Support Bitcoin


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NYC, 6/21/23 – In a recent interview, Michael Saylor, Chairman of MicroStrategy, made clear that presidential candidates will need to support bitcoin if they want to address millions of single-issue voters.

In the interview recorded at Europe’s largest Bitcoin conference in Prague, Saylor states that “86% of Bitcoiners polled are single-issue voters” when it comes to their favorite digital currency. With over 40 million digital-asset owners in the U.S., “most of them will require their candidate to support bitcoin in order to get their vote.” 

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With an increasing number of voters concerned about inflation, Saylor’s interview comes during a unique moment in U.S. politics. Presidential candidates on opposing sides of the aisle, from Ron DeSantis to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., unite in an unprecedented display of backing for one digital asset in particular, bitcoin.

Central to the discussion is the issue of regulation, as Saylor asserts that clarity surrounding U.S. regulatory policies will trigger a significant influx of capital investment into bitcoin. He said that “the fact that regulation is arriving gives the greenlight to governors, presidential candidates, congresspeople and senators to support bitcoin. And that will cause people with hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars to buy bitcoin.”

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Through his profound understanding of the industry, he explains how these regulations will act as a catalyst to help propel institutional bitcoin adoption.

In addition, Saylor dives into a range of engaging topics that go beyond politics and business. From his personal workout routine and favorite books, to his experiences as CEO of MicroStrategy, Saylor offers a rare glimpse into his own lifestyle and the factors that have shaped his life and career to date.

As the digital asset industry continues to evolve, Saylor’s thoughts and predictions carry tremendous weight and will undoubtedly shape the discourse around bitcoin for years to come.

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