Traceability of food products through blockchain is no alien concept. Sicily took a step ahead and mandated tracking of agro-food through blockchain. The bill was approved on 25 September 2019 by the  Sicilian Regional Assembly (ARS), an autonomous entity and the legislative body of Sicily to establish a traceable network for the food products with the help of the right technology.  However, the final version is yet to be published in the Official Journal of the Sicily Region.

La Regione Sicilia ha legiferato sull'uso della Blockchain come strumento di garanzia per la tracciabilità del dato per…

Publicată de Assocoin pe Miercuri, 25 septembrie 2019

The proposal was first put forward by the deputy of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), Jose Marano, roughly a year ago. Per the proposal, blockchain will be implemented as a data guarantee tool to ensure security and agro-food traceability in the DOC, DOP, ICG and IGP supply chain. The provision being backed by law, will instill confidence in the end-consumers by keeping a track on products from farm-to-table and eliminating counterfeits. The Sicilian companies will also profit by projecting originality of products which more often than not influences the buyer towards purchase of products.

Jose Marano said:

“Objective achieved. From today Sicily will be able to trace the products of its land on a blockchain that guarantees transparency and incorruptibility of the data. This is a great opportunity for Sicily, for its companies, for workers and for the health of citizens.”

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