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South America: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup 24th to 30th June, 2019

South America: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup, 7th to 13th December 2018

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Welcome to another weekly blockchain news roundup from around the world. Here we present to you all the latest Bitcoin news continent by continent and country by country.

South America


Bitcoin Pioneer recommends buying bitcoin: Brazilian bitcoin entrepreneur and the founder of Nox Bitcoin João Paulo Oliveira has advocated buying of Bitcoin for some time and he has once again urged the public to invest in the cryptocurrency.

He said:

“I believe that this can be a revolutionary infrastructure, which can inject even more money in criptveconomy, allowing for more high of the Bitcoin”

Overall, the Brazilian crypto comment is upbeat about Bitcoin and its future. The number of Bitcoin investors and traders are increasing in the country and the legislature itself is expected to pass comprehensive bitcoin legislation for legalizing the new class of assets in the country.

Local bitcoin enthusiast shortlisted UN project: A Brazilian bitcoin enthusiast Barbara Schorchit has been shortlisted by the UN Climate panel for a blockchain-based project from South America and the Caribbean.

Schorchit along with two other partners under the patronage of federal deputy Iracema Portella are close to winning the UN-sponsored competition.

According to Portella:

“We need to support the new talent so that these young people really can give your contribution in the battle for the preservation of nature and better living conditions for all people around the world,”

Seven winners of these projects will receive 15,000 USD to invest in their individual projects as well as other incentives. Brazil is at the epicenter of climate change with its rainforests under attack and some experts believe blockchain technology can help the country in its fight against climate change.

Analyst Fausto Barba believes bitcoin will reach 330,000 USD in the future: According to technical analyst Fausto Barba, bitcoin’s price index has the potential to reach more than $330,000 in the near future in the current bull market.

Predictions are being made all across the market with some predicting as much as 1 million USD per BTC while others predicting a more modest 40,000 USD per BTC.

But, according to Barba:

“(The current high cycle) is the one who carries the pinnacle of euphoria and can take the Bitcoin achieve US $330 thousand, which configures a valuation of more than 3,500%,”

While an immediate bounce to this figure seems insane but in the long run, the target is within reach as Bitcoin’s popularity increases and mainstream adoption promoted.

Senate debates cryptocurrencies in Brazil: A much awaited debate in the Brazilian parliament was to be held in the Senate Brazil Federal last week.

This hearing’s witnesses included representatives from Ministry of Economy, Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM), Internal Revenue of Brazil and local cryptocurrency exchange associations including Brazilian Association of Criptoeconomy (ABCrypto) and Brazilian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (ABCB).

It is expect that the government agencies will ask the senators to take it slow while the exchange associations will ask the government to fully embrace crypto and not lag behind the rest of the world.


Russia cooling military intervention fears in Venezuela and interest in Petro: The Russian government is scaling back its military deployment in the country after the latest danger to the government seems to have passed.

The Russian government is also cooling off its interest in the national cryptocurrency Petro as the Venezuelan government is barely to stable enough to promote a coin project of this magnitude in the country. For now, Russia will roll back and observe the quest for the national oil backed cryptocurrency and will only sponsor a foray if things dramatically change for Petro. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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