Since the mid-nineties web advertising has undergone some extraordinarily radical shifts. This transformative period in technology forever changed the advertising industry as the money making power of search engines, impressions, pay-per-click, paid searches and so on were only beginning to be realised.

An ever changing industry

At that point, web advertising wasn’t much more than classic banner ads and pop ups, but as the number of websites increased, search engines began to emerge and soon they were forming new business models that monetised their services.

Pay-per-click and advertisement programmes on search results pages were proving successful, it wouldn’t be long before we saw targeted advertising and social publishing begin yet another period of advertising evolution. Matching user search queries with relevant advertisements on the search pages and content publisher sites were becoming the norm until social platforms like Facebook and Twitter outgunned them.

Having user data access on a significantly larger scale, social media platforms could create complete social profiles creating a perfect environment for the highly successful approach of targeted advertising.

Whilst successful and still in practice, advertising was still disrupting the user experience and targeted advertising was beginning to feel quite invasive for users who in response put up walls of ad-blockers, pushing advertisers to innovate further.

Presently we have Native Advertising, a non-disruptive user friendly form of advertising that supplements the user experience. Web marketers now use featured content, promoted tweets, suggested posts, sponsored content etc., which are projected to soak up native display Ad revenue in the future and are better at rebuilding trust and engagement with potential customers than traditional display advertisements.

A blockchain evolution

Blockchain startup DATx is proposing we push the advertising industry ahead with a new smart advertising ecosystem. Built on the foundation of decentralisation and powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI), the DATx platform provides blockchain innovations that can boost the power of native advertising through big data solutions to provide accurate records of user likes, dislikes and other general behaviours, which is no wonder they are the first blockchain-based platform to have more than 100 million daily active users within their advertisement ecosystem.

DATx has realised that advertising is now content so why not combine advertisements with different types of content feeds and applications?

The DATx Native Advertisements Feed keeps users engaged for longer in their personalised recommendations feed, drawn from the complex DATx user data archive. Users can navigate through different categories and switch on their personalised recommendations within them giving them a potentially endless stream of relevant content to browse and directly engage with.

DATx is making a bid to revolutionise the advertising industry again, and its public blockchain and ecosystem has all the power to meet the needs of the advertising going forward in our ever changing technological environment.

Designed to help advertisers break down the many barriers between them and the public, DATx has formulated an innovative means to generate even greater trust and engagement through native advertising. Creating a meaningful and relatable experience through advertising generates more leads, potential customers and greater exposure for companies.

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