Cryptocurrency usage is growing at an alarming rate with each crypto-asset having one form of a wallet or the other. Basically, the predominant wallet types include desktop, web wallets, hardware wallets, and paper wallets. Bitcoin Blockchain, which is the leading cryptocurrency by market cap has registered downloads of its Blockchain app numbering in tens of millions since its inception. With cutting-edge hardware wallets like OraSaifu, new standards have been set for security, flexibility, and portability of wallets servicing digital asset portfolios.

Ora Inc., established in 2013, is a technology-driven enterprise aiming to change the world of payment services by introducing its conceptual frameworks of cryptocurrency and fiat-based digital integrations. The development team have quite the pool of experiences that span different top technology giants to include Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Nokia and Huawei, and have come together to create a disruptive tool using blockchain technology and incorporating other high-tech transfer/communication protocols.

OraSaifu has gotten angel support funds in millions of USD in its first-round offer and wants to carry out a second crowdfunding event to make its platform and product open to the larger community. Ongoing viable business partnership negotiations with top blockchain industries are currently being pursued.

All-in-One Digital Wallet

OraSaifu presents a revolutionary concept as a solution to storing all of one’s digital assets on a single digital hardware device and also an NFC payment wallet feature. It aims to provide as much security as the contemporary hardware wallets like those of Trezor and Ledger. However, it comes with even more enhanced security features, making it a choice option. More so, it also accommodates the traditional bank/payment cards and makes handling digital assets a lot easier and portable. It’s probably the first digital hardware concept that incorporates both fiat based digital currency and cryptocurrency management.

Cutting Edge Hardware Wallet

The uniqueness of this product is seen in how it has combined both Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and SE technology in one single chip which is revolutionary as it ensures that security of digital assets within its wallet and when it’s being used for Near Field Communication (NFC) payments.

The product has other features that stand it out among similar technologies, especially when compared to the number of currency it can hold. OraSaifu challenges other technologies by accommodating over 20 kinds of popular cryptocurrencies with the ability to maintain sending and receiving transactions and also managing multiple addresses.

OraSaifu also has a cold wallet which enables both offline and online transaction processes achievable. Using embedded NFC and Offline QR code reading technologies, it is able to process offline transactions without immediate dependence on online connections. Another fascinating aspect of this technology is its unlimited storage, which beats a number of other similar technologies with limited storage and limiting currency use.

The security feature is one of the most sought-after criteria in any cryptocurrency platform, product or concept. OraSaifu uses offline mechanisms combined with multiple authentications and verification systems to secure cryptocurrencies stored within its wallet. With vulnerability issues prone to a number of online based wallets and a few hardware wallets, OraSaifu ensures that no form of data exchange or transfer occurs between the USB port and that of the connected device, thereby keeping private keys secure and tamper-proof. However, the maximum security is ultimate still dependent on the user.

Obviously, by using top cryptocurrencies, OraSaifu is paving a way for a more acceptable ideology of cryptocurrency as value prospects in terms of payment processes. OraSaifu will make it easy to send and receive money both in online and physical stores through its all-in-one hardware wallet.

Classy, Professional, Artistic Design and Features

The first impression upon sight is a fancy-like and sleekly designed hand-held device, it’s hard not to feel impressed. The artistic design complements its high-end software features, making it a product for this age. Other physical attractions include its feather-like weight, its size is almost like that of a bank card, with a 4-inch screen display and an 83.37% screen to body ratio and could be seen as a classy competitor to the latest iPhone. The device also has voice recognition software inbuilt in it and makes accessibility a lot more user-friendly.

Not just cryptocurrencies, Imagine having many access cards and the trouble of having to carry every one of them each time one needs to access multiple facilities. Ora wallet can store other kinds of digital identity cards such as membership cards, business cards, and many more modern age digital access cards; as long as they are NFC enable OraSaifu can do the job through a simple to use – scan, copy and store. Ora wallet makes all that worry go away.

Indeed, the OraSaifu hardware wallet is truly revolutionary and would give the jaw-dropping experience to digital currency enthusiasts. As cryptocurrencies continue to make impactful waves both in the digital world and in the real-world, hardware wallets are bound to become the trending event. OraSaifu has carved a niche ahead, giving it a headstart in preparation for a world waiting to receive cryptocurrency in a grand style.

Early Bird Sale

OraSaifu is offering an entry opportunity for early adopters on July 19th, 2018 which will be launched globally on the Indiegogo platform. Registrations are currently open on their website.

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