ABCC, a cryptocurrency exchange with tens of millions of USD of daily trading volume and over 100 trading pairs, has launched Bitcoin options markets. The ABCC options markets allow traders to make profits by predicting whether Bitcoin’s price going up or down, and traders can leverage these short or long positions to maximize their earnings. 1 hour, 6 hour, and daily contracts are available, giving traders the ability to make predictions on shorter-term or longer-term variations in Bitcoin’s price.

A ‘call’ option on ABCC corresponds to a prediction that Bitcoin will go up, also known as going long. A ‘put’ option corresponds to a prediction that Bitcoin will go down, also known as a short. If a trader is successful in their prediction that Bitcoin will go up or down they will be paid with ABCC Token (AT) or Tether (USDT).

The minimum price that can be bid for a contract is 0.0001 AT or USDT, and when a trader succeeds in their prediction they receive 1 AT or USDT. This means up to 10,000X leverage is possible, or 1,000,000%. This far exceeds the 100X leverage on the Bitcoin derivatives exchange BITMEX. This leverage versatility on ABCC gives traders the opportunity to make massive profits if they are certain that Bitcoin’s price will move in a certain direction.

There is zero risk of contracts defaulting, since options contracts trading is peer to peer, and the AT or USDT needed to payout the contracts are frozen in the seller’s account until expiration and delivered to the buyer if the buyer of the contract wins their prediction. ABCC merely takes a 0.5% trading fee, and the payouts for contracts do not come from ABCC’s own reserves.

The daily options contracts are ideal if a trader expects an event over the next 24 hours that will cause Bitcoin’s price to go up or down. Similarly, the 6-hour options can be used if a trader expects an event to occur in the very short term that will impact Bitcoin’s price. The 1-hour option is ideal for making a prediction based on Bitcoin’s momentum and making money from it, such as predicting that Bitcoin will go up when it is in the middle of a rally.

With the addition of the Bitcoin options markets, ABCC is now a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency traders, fulfilling both their spot market and derivative market needs.

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