Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange Nauticus has announced the launch of its interface beta for testing, as its ongoing token sale continues to attract interest, raising more than $14.6 million so far. Meanwhile, its public launch is expected to take place within months.

The beta offers a peek into an advanced cryptocurrency exchange, with the Nauticus Exchange aiming to make the process of buying Bitcoin and over a hundred other altcoins as easy as ordering food online.

Lowering entry barriers for crypto newcomers

While the crypto industry has seen a huge influx of new users and traders, newcomers are often surprised by how complicated crypto exchanges can be. They have to familiarize themselves with “hot” or “cold” wallets and are required to use “addresses” that comprise of seemingly random strings of characters. If not careful, it can be surprisingly easy to lose all their crypto funds permanently.

Retailers and brokers, such as American-based Coinbase and Australian-based CoinSpot, therefore, have been popular destinations for people looking to buy their first coins, as the process is much simpler and user-friendly. However, consumers end up paying up to ten times higher fees for those services and pay higher prices for crypto when compared to the average exchange rate.

The demand for an exchange that offers the same easy of retail brokers yet with the same low fees and rates of the average global market remains high.

Nauticus Exchange – sophistication with efficiency

With its newly-launched beta advanced interface, experienced traders can now test its features. However, it is the user-friendly interface that has been the word on the streets, with guided steps having every aim at making the process of crypto purchases as easy as online shopping.


Right now, the exchange offers 100 crypto and national currencies (USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR), ensuring that all users’ crypto and fiat needs are met.

With the upcoming release of the Nauticus mobile wallet and exchange for both iOS and Android platforms, as well as a payment facility in development, users can soon look forward to easy and secure trading, storage, and spending of both conventional and crypto currencies.

Nauticus believes that the exchange business is growing and will continue to top current performances. The top ten exchanges already generate $3 million in fees daily with 100,000 new users signing up every day. Some exchanges have already halted new registrations due to the massive spike in requests.

Meanwhile, exchange coins have all increased in value, with the likes of KuCoin rising 2,738% to its all-time high and Huobi token increasing 64% in just two months.

As with others, the Nauticus coin (NTS) will offer users a 50% discount in trading fees. It is now available to purchase at around $0.10 during the remaining token sale period until May 18th, 2018.

New users will also receive 100 free NTS and a further 200 NTS for completing a Nauticus user survey.

To learn more, visit the Nauticus website or register to use the Nauticus exchange and receive 100 free NTS. Join Nauticus on Telegram or follow them for updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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