The Internet is awash with new and exciting things to discover and learn. However, curating and collating these widely dispersed contents remains a constant challenge for all but users of the Internet’s best kept secret, ADZbuzz.

Built from the ground up and quietly launched in 2016, ADZbuzz has been enabling users to freely synergise between other content platforms such as Reddit, Steemit, and Feedly. The content discovery platform enable users to easily follow their favourite sites and community through feeds without having to juggle a hundred different tabs and web addresses. Users can freely select and organize contents from their favourite sites and feeds, or discover new contents that they can add to their collection.

Rewarding Community Activity

With ADZbuzz, users can also follow communities and access their latest contents all from the comfort of a sidebar. What’s more, these communities are tokenized on Ethereum blockchain. The tokenization of ADZbuzz’s community has brought about one of its best known feature; the ability to earn daily cryptocurrency reward. As long users keep signing in, they are eligible for daily rewards in hundreds of community tokens and dividends too.

ADZbuzz has also announced the launch of its exchange platform, ADZbuzz Exchange, integrating web publishers and cryptocurrency traders, and rewarding them with profits accumulated from various sources. Traders can earn daily by just trading on the exchange, while publishers now have access to a stream of passive income that is sure to thrust cryptocurrency adoption into mainstream consciousness.

Earning On ADZbuzz

Every member joining the platform is eligible to a claim of 100 ADZbuzz community tokens (ACT’s) and as long as they sign in daily, they’ll keep earning these tokens. Tokens can be held in secure wallets on the platform for daily dividend distribution or exchange ADZ, BTC or ETH on the ADZbuzz exchange.

To claim your free tokens.

Owners of communities are not left out too. They are also able to earn daily profits from activities generated by their communities for just holding their community tokens.

The ADZbuzz Exchange Bonus

The ADZbuzz Exchange boasts of a unique rebate feature endowing traders with the ability to harness 100% rebate for their trading fees in their bonus wallet alongside a 50% rebate from referrals trade. The bonus reward is pegged to the USD at the current exchange rate of the coin the trading fee is received in by ADZbuzz.

About ADZbuzz

ADZbuzz is a social content discovery platform with a built-in RSS reader, bringing content creators, publishers, and readers under a single, unifying ecosystem. The platform not only enable participants to increase reach and accessibility for contents, they are also entitled to daily rewards in cryptocurrency for either signing in or increase in readership base. The platform has been built from the ground up for the last 2.5 years and now includes dozens of features that allow us to compete with the established social networks.

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