Estonia-based Blockchain startup Aitheon has designed one of the world’s first blockchain platform integrating AI, robotics, IoT, and human specialists. In addition, the company is undergoing numerous cryptocurrency discussions with a global business interested in exploring ways to integrate the revolutionary platform into their own solutions

Platform application potential

The Aithon platform has numerous applications, Indian based Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), is a world-leading infrastructure development and finance company and is currently in talks with Aitheon. Their discussions were about the implementation of automated systems, applicable to a variety of applications.

With IL&FS working in the USA, the Middle East as well as Asia, the cooperation between the two companies will allow them to jointly service clients with fully automated robotic material handling and storage solutions. If all pending requirements are met, the partnership would allow for Aitheons platform to be financed by IL&FS. Aitheon has also engaged in a partnership with Kaynes Technology for manufacturing services, where AItheon has co-located by their Indian offices.

Aitheon is also talking to two companies in Dubai, one looking to integrate new types of secure sound based payment services for offline, proximity-based secure and rapid contactless payments through the blockchain. The other is the Microsoft Technology Center in Dubai, to discuss possible synergies between the Estonian platform and Microsoft back-office solutions.

A Netherlands company, Decible.Live is also in talks with the platform, looking into ways of integrating their sensors and solutions to make them accessible to Aitheon users. Decible.Live advanced noise monitoring platform with real-time sensor data would allow for smart contracts that could produce open, verifiable results as well as provide instant compensation to relevant parties.

Additional opportunities

Next Future Transportation, Inc based out of California and the Washington DC-based World Bank are also in talks with Aitheon. The platform could be used when it comes to Next Future transportation as a way to integrate the driverless vehicles within Aitheon to augment their technology.

World Bank executives are interested in possible uses of the token and integration of payments using the AIC cryptocurrency. SAP is one of the top suppliers of business software solutions and are also exploring a partnership with Aitheon in order to share information between the two platforms.


More than a concept, the Aitheon Platform is live and registering new users daily. With over seven years of development and real-world testing behind the core, the Aitheon Platform enables organizations to combine the work of humans and intelligent machines to automate tedious back-end functions like customer service, recruitment, fulfillment, transportation, and logistics, data entry and retrieval, remote piloting of semi-autonomous vehicles and more. The Aitheon Platform is commercially powered by the company’s own cryptocurrency tokens.

Aitheon’s Token Sale begins April 20th at 17:00 UTC, starting at a 30% discount.

To learn more or participate in the Token Sale visit the website.

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