In a world where one cryptocurrency trumps another, bragging about its technology and protocols being better than the competitor, only to be dethroned by a newcomer, it has become difficult for mass adoption of a single currency. Bitcoin brought us Blockchain’s first practical use. Ethereum was the first to introduce smart contracts. Monero’s transactions are private. Ripple is super fast. Each has its own set of advantages and some (or none) of the others’.

ARK: Taking One Of Each

ARK Crew saw a very fragmented view of Blockchain. Individually, each type has only a few properties that make it good for a specific purpose. All of these are geared towards cryptocurrencies. The team asked a very fundamental question: Is this all cryptocurrency is?

In answer, the team has developed a platform that offers a variety of Blockchain services, but the core Blockchain is the real work. It contains best properties of all kinds of Blockchain in existence and development. Through this, the team provides a single Blockchain that has it all.

But How ARK Is Better?

ARK boasts six different reasons that make it the best option:

  • Fast: With an average 8 seconds transaction confirmation time, ARK is one of the fastest Blockchains in the field.
  • Delegated Proof Of Stake: Designed to counter the centralization of computing power in a standard Proof Of Work system, it relies on 51 delegates to work. The system is modifiable to accommodate improvements over time.
  • Scalable: The ARK Blockchain is designed to be lean by transferring load bearing, nonessential functions to multiple side chains. This keeps the main chain light and fast.
  • Diverse Team: 17 members from 11 different countries make up the core team. Each with a unique experience, the members work as one. The team is supported by an ever-growing team of community developers.
  • SmartBridge Technology: Using a proprietary and custom-made protocol, ARK bridges different Blockchains, making a spider web of an ecosystem.
  • Open Source: Trust is the keyword in Blockchain. Hosting everything on GitHub, the projects and works are open sources, allowing anyone to view them.

Happenings on ARK Con

Under the tutelage of Jeremy Epstein, one of the world’s best Blockchain marketer, the ARK team is making its presence known to the world. The ARK Con is a multi-day event that brings together the ARK Crew, associates, members of the Blockchain community, French and Swiss government officials.

The aim of the meetup is to discuss the future of ARK project and how it can help promote the awareness of Blockchain to the masses.

The first day 21st March 2018, marking the first birthday of ARK is a private event, but the second day, 22nd March 2018 is open to the public for limited seats. There will be 100 tickets available and anyone who is connected to the Blockchain sector can secure seats. This will enable the attendees to meet with ARK Crew and other members of the project.

The ARK Con is being held at Archamps, Technopole, 92 rue Ada Byron, France.

For more information on the convention and seat booking, visit their website:


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