Despite the advancements in aviation technology, the mechanisms underpinning Business Aviation (BizAv) hasn’t changed much since the 60s. Due to the constant moving parts that make up the BizAv sector, digitization and automation of operations have been excruciatingly slow. Flight coordination, customer and supply management are often executed across a myriad of incompatible systems with little or no way of harmonizing their operations, resulting in high costs for travelers and a large overhead of up to 35% for companies.

The current system in use by the industry, the Global Distribution System (GDS), allows airlines to offer air travel to passengers through travel agencies. This has not only resulted in monopolization of the market by a handful of players but also obfuscation and opacity of relationship with customers. Blockchain startup, AVINOC, has set out to resolve these problems and transform the industry.

Aviation Disruption

AVINOC is the groundbreaking developer of an innovative solution leveraging the disruptive potentials of the blockchain to connect airlines, air control, passengers, and travel agencies on a frictionless and decentralized exchange of values. Challenging the existing centralized system, AVINOC beings cutting-edge solutions to re-strengthen the airline market from the inside, enabling market players and stakeholders to directly communicate with each other and exchange values without the needless intermediaries clogging up the system.

Developed in 2008 as an ERP cloud platform, AVINOC has been at the forefront of business process optimization for the BizAv market. The blockchain provides the company with a unique platform for travelers, airlines, and service agencies to directly engage each other on a decentralized and permissionless social network platform. From accounting to acquisitions, ticketing, and booking, AVINOC will; enable the the BizAv ecosystem to harness the power of homogenous, automated solution to reduce the cost for airlines, operators, and travelers.

The AVINOC Token

Powering every exchange and transaction on AVINOC is its enterprising utility token, AVINOC tokens. These ERC20 compatible tokens will be made globally available through a Token Generation Event and subsequent listing on exchanges for the settlement of services on the network including tickets, fuel, airport fees, air traffic control, maintenance, handling, and many more. AVINOC tokens are also required for writing data to the blockchain, ensuring the integrity of all recorded data. Vendors will also be able to integrate these tokens into their products and services for seamless and instantaneous transactions.

Ahead of its Token Generation Event, AVINOC has minted 1 billion tokens, 40% of which will be offered to the public at USD $0.05 per token.

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