Digital asset exchange BINEX.TRADE continues to break new ground in providing alternative revenue streams for its users, with the announcement of its Brand Ambassador program. The loyalty-based program will mean that investors and traders can have more value for their commitment and loyalty to the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The Singapore-based exchange already enjoys incredible support from its base of users, but hopes that this new program will give even more recognition to those who are strongly aligned with the vision of BINEX.TRADE, and cryptocurrencies overall.

Be an Ambassador for BINEX

Any user can now register as a user by singing up on BINEX.TRADE. Once logged in, they will be able to access the BINEX.TRADE Ambassador program via the dashboard.

Ambassadorship for BINEX will be given to users based primarily on their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technologies, with those who understand the exchange intimately given priority.

Once selected as an Ambassador, users will be encouraged to engage better with wider audiences via simple tasks on social media. This includes interacting on forums and creating content on major social media platforms such as Twitter, Medium, Telegram and Facebook. This should be relatively easy to do, since most users already enjoy connecting with their network on social media daily.

Qualifying activity will be rewarded with BINEX’s native digital currency, BEX tokens, depending on an Ambassador score, utilizing a proof-of-work system that ensures a reliable income for the duration of activity.

The main agenda for Ambassadors will be to aid BINEX in reaching out to existing and new communities with its vision and message of creating and building a strong, vibrant community within cryptocurrency. Essentially, Ambassadors are an extension of the exchange’s efforts to nurture meaningful relationships with the global community of cryptocurrency users.

BINEX.TRADE is planning to offer even more opportunities for its users – both old and new. The best way to keep abreast of developments is to join them on Telegram at In addition, users can take advantage of a current giveaway that rewards the most active referrers in specific time periods.

Trade easy, trade now

Binex.Trade gives traders the experience of the very best that a modern exchange can offer, with the ability to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency to take immediate advantage of suitable prices. This simple order feature means spot trades are executed without control over received price, but users can also opt for limit orders for non-urgent trades.

At the same time, users can always trade with peace of mind, knowing that their activities and funds are protected by the highest levels of digital security. The platform is built on a multi-cluster system architecture that provides ultra security to every single transaction that takes place.

To learn more about BINEX.TRADE, visit the website or read the whitepaper. To find out the latest events as they happen, join the team and its community of over 68,000 pre-registered traders and investors on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium and YouTube.

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