BINEX team have announced the release of their long-awaited alpha version of their trading platform. After months of development side by side with the cheers gained from their crypto community, the Binex.Trade team are overwhelmed with the satisfactory commitment of the support community and have finally released the Alpha version of their Exchange platform which is currently home to over 85,000 users.

The Binex.Trade platform is a cryptocurrency exchange that wants to disrupt the sharing economics by combining the power of its platform’s token – BEX token and decentralization to provide profits to stakeholders from daily trading revenues. It promises to deliver an excellent user experience to its traders and all stakeholders. By doing this, they solve major problems encountered in the centralised exchange market.

The big launch is scheduled for the 17th of July 2018. The Alpha version of the platform is an important milestone in the development of the exchange platform. This achievement correlates with the satisfaction experienced when a decentralized project gains an initial boost in confidence and a sense of objectivity when the initial release of their platform is out in the open.

The initial release was planned to enable the basic features and test for bugs and give a real-time feedback from the user base. Traders are expected to test the Alpha Launch and the reports and changes will be effected in the not too distant upcoming beta version of the platform which is scheduled to be released in 30 days from the release of the alpha version.

Within the first few days after the launch, it’s expected that traders would have a go at it and trade their cryptocurrencies to the BTC, ETH, BEX, USDT, LTC and XRP pairs. Important features to be expected is a user-friendly interface that has flexible trade-handling capabilities and hassle-free trading experiences.

The Binex.Trade platform has a uniqueness that appeals to many traders based on the fact that it shares about 70% of its commissions which are generated from trading activities with its BEX token holders on a daily basis.

Advanced Trading Features

The features provided by the platform is expected to make trading easy and help traders earn more. Many features proposed have been integrated to allow traders watch on the price trends and have a real-time feel of the cryptocurrency market dynamics which is also provided by a price chart which can be useful for different traders at different skill levels. The platform also provides a report on daily, weekly, or monthly trades which can help traders track their earnings. There’s an analytics dashboard which is used to help traders build a strategic portfolio while they trade.

Leveraged Trades

Margin Trading is a prominent feature on the trading platform and this helps traders to seize the opportunities in the quantity of their trade and also to boost profits. The gateway created by the Binex.Trade exchange connects lenders to traders and allows for the leveraging amount of 2x, 3x in margin trading. The platform also offers optional leveraging opportunities and targets the most efficient market value.

Liquidity and Volatility Control

Binex.Trade has favorable liquidation index plan to ensure the efficient management of Market Volatility and also to secure the interest of its traders. By eliminating the Liquidity Risk on the Exchange, it encourages users/traders to maximize their trading experience by helping to exit at the right time, through continuous monitoring of the transactions. The higher the liquidity on the Exchange, the better the price economy and faster the transactions.

An Efficient Matching Engine

One of the most infamous aspects of crypto assets is its volatility and this has discouraged many key traders, despite the many attempts to solve this problem. However, Binex.Trade undermines this enigma by introducing it’s revolutionary solution, by providing real-time asset liquidation factor.

High-End Security

Security is a must for any decentralized or blockchain project despite the seldom acts of hacking and authorized access to wallets on exchanges which has caused so many damages already. And for Binex.Trade, the design of the platform is meant to achieve a function on a Multi-Tier Platform that offers High-End security.

Apart from the onboard Exchange features, Binex.Trade has come up with a reward of 1000 BEX for reporting a bug on the Alpha version.

The team has provided a feedback support system during the alpha test for their platform. This support is available round the clock for the traders and users pre and post Alpha Launch.

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