Dedicated Bitcoin digital wallet provider has announced the news that it has passed the milestone of 2 million wallets since the service was released seven months ago.

The non-custodial wallet allows users to send and receive both Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC), with more development plans in the works from the team.

Rapid Growth

The mainstream exposure of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, in 2017, had been a deciding factor in the rapidly increasing popularity of the digital wallet, which has seen thousands of-of downloads every week since its creation in August 2017.

The wallet currently offers support for both BCH and BTC and is easily downloadable on mobile or desktop from every major platform and operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The wallet allows its user to store their private keys themselves to offer maximum security. The wallet interface has also seen a recent update which now offers the user a slightly more intuitive experience. Following the update, the Wallet is one of several wallet providers that offers Bitpays Payment Protocol compatibility.

Bitpay and Shapeshift

Having the option of paying through the blockchain wallet and debit card provider Bitpay’s invoices, in conjunction with the bitpay wallet makes things more simplistic for it users. In addition, the ability to also use a Shapeshift API to bring currency converting into the equation will also look to bring more consumers into the space. This allows the user the option to convert  BTC to BCH or vice versa natively, and through the wallet interface.

Multisig Wallets

Users can also control their spending, with that addition of multi-signature wallets, which adds an additional layer of security between devices and wallets. leader Roger Ver has voiced his optimism and with the new changes and the direction of the company.

He has stated recently that the usage of the wallet has doubled in less than three months as demand for Bitcoin Cash continues to grow worldwide. He believes that the growing increase in industry support for and the forecasted merchant adoption for websites and retail ventures points to a bright future for the company.

Ver stated in a recent interview that the company is working hard to consistently roll out new features and improvements that add to the user experience of the Wallet and improve the Bitcoin ecosystem as much as it can. developers are currently looking at the option of BCH-chain colored coin management and believe that debit-card top offs will be a possibility through the platform, later down the road.

The core team working within the Bitcoin Cash network hope to soon have the ability to create token based assets (colored coins) and the company is striving towards remaining ahead of the pack in regards to technical blockchain advances.

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