Bitcoin News has officially launched and is now live via its website Bitcoin News introduces to the cryptosphere the very latest and the very best in blockchain and cryptocurrency news stories, while covering the most influential events and opinions in the industry.

As an independent information and news portal, prides itself in being a fresh and unbiased perspective, aiming to appeal to a global audience with objective reporting of Bitcoin developments, and the wider cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

What matters and why it matters

Bitcoin News operates on a simple policy of blockchain and cryptocurrency advocacy, disseminating awareness to keep the general public abreast with the latest media news, regulatory and economic policies related to the industry, technological developments and general interest stories.

As the young industry continues to gain more prominence, with increased recognition and legitimization, Bitcoin News seeks to address the demand for more objective and nuanced news reporting. It hopes to highlight events and opinions that matter, while analyzing their potential impact on mainstream and institutional sentiment.

Initially focusing on major news and events, Bitcoin News is working to develop the resources necessary for more investigative content it believes is vital to foster community dialogue and democratic opinion.

Acknowledging the increasingly diverse segments of readers, Bitcoin News will also bring more attention to news typically receiving less coverage in mainstream media. Several exclusives already published include human interest stories such as the story of “the man who sold everything for Bitcoin”, while Bitcoin News builds up regional focus pieces such as the Bitcoin News weekly roundups and the exclusive on Bitcoin activists in Argentina.

Balanced viewpoints delivered with integrity

In the face of cryptocurrency and blockchain information proliferation, it can be difficult to navigate between fact and conjecture. Bitcoin News aims to deliver fair and sensible fact-based reporting, doing its best to review and be transparent with all news sources. The content for daily publications are curated by staff who receive continuous formal and professional journalism training, in an effort to keep high levels of reporting standards.

Bitcoin News is supported by veteran media and industry professionals unshackled by blockchain sponsorship and affiliation to ensure freedom from bias and vested interest. It is the culmination of collective vision and know-how, united by the belief that crypto journalism is a public service that should serve the best interests of its readers.

Adding more value will continue to develop more useful features for readers. It already has a Market Capitalization resource for traders to monitor the performance of some 1,400 cryptocurrencies and digital assets, as well as a newly-launched Bitcoin News Radio Show also available on Anchor, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

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