Islamic Banking is a multi-billion dollar worldwide banking sector especially prevalent around the Middle East and North African countries. The concept is based on a profit-loss sharing system and rejection of fixed interest rates which can actually be beneficial for a country’s economy overall.

Now the current Islamic Banking system available to the public is all centralized just like conventional banks and only deal in fiat currencies that are based on the interest-centric system. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are interest-free on their own, Blockchain Technology is touted to be the next amazing thing to happen to the banking industry as it moves away from centralized operations and data handling that are prone to hacking and mismanagement.

The First Blockchain-based Islamic Bank

Hada Dbank is the world’s first initiative to offer Islamic banking based on Blockchain Technology; it has just got over a $500,000 investment from DE Asset Management Ltd, an investment group with considerable investments in North America, Middle East, UK and the Fast East. DE Asset Management and Hada DBank have also announced a long-term strategic partnership to expand the interest-free banking concept around the world.

DE Asset Management Ltd

For a financial industry leader like DE Asset Management, it has taken the right step in investing the blockchain space as every progressive financial network is looking to get into the crypto world. With previous investments in sectors like Healthcare, employment industry, and green energy, DE Asset is looking towards expanding their portfolio and increase their outreach with the initial $500,000 investment. In addition to Hada DBank, the DE Asset has also invested in some other blockchain projects as well, looking to cash in the lucrative industry.

Darrell Emmanuel Asset management of DE group

Hada DBank is a very promising project, with a highly ambitious team and great working ethics overall. I personally believe in this project and foresee the company will soar in value in the near future. The relationship between DE and Hada DBank is a symbiotic one and the best way for both to benefit is to grow together. DE will continue to support Hada DBank in the long run, and this is proven by our decision to procure HADACoins.

Hada Bank CEO Mohd Al-Shazanous

Hada DBank is very happy and looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership with DE Asset Management Limited.

Hada DBank is looking for more long-term partners to get on the bandwagon and help them deliver to the billion plus customers around the world who prefer Islamic Banking.

Hada DBank Token Generation Event

Hada DBank has recently concluded its pre-token generation and is now looking at the main round. More than 11.2 million HADA tokens have been sold out of now out of the total 20 million available. The rate is set at 1 ETH= 4000 HADA tokens and presently, substantial discounts can be availed up to 50%. Learn more on the Hada DBank website:

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