The developers of blockchain gaming platform TriForce Tokens has been completely absorbed in building its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) since its early token offering of FORCE tokens. This effort is purely focused on creating utility value for FORCE.

Meanwhile, the ever evolving crypto space has led to TriForce Tokens to rebalance its objectives towards building itself up as a games publishing framework. In doing this, it hopes to create real-world use-cases for blockchain gaming, running up to a final public token sale on October 8th, 2018. Via its own blockchain, TriForce will serve the games industry and do away with transaction fees.

The company will release their latest documents detailing all these changes on August 31st, 2018.

A final private token sale will be offered on September 3rd, 2018, restricted to the initial soft cap of $3 million, with $460,000 already secured towards that goal. TriForce welcomes accredited investors with interest and encourages them to be in contact.

Introducing Blockchain Dynamic Advertising

The latest MVP being worked on is the Dynamic Advertising Platform for non-intrusive ads in game. These feature fully automated and near-autonomous ad placements, allowing advertisers to virtually brand any game object, texture, image or video within seconds.

Brands benefit from immutable data with live tracking and instant on/off toggling for full insight into ad performance. CEO Pete Mardell recently shared a video demo highlighting the fully operational tech used in Spain for Dominoes and AXN live campaigns. This initial platform is available to advertisers at, and game listing for studios is available at the company’s studio site.


While yet to be ported to blockchain, the benefits are apparent. Advertisers can verify genuine placement to intended targets, with decentralization leading to more security and network functionality without down time. Advertisers need not transact with third-parties to ensure spending validity. Additionally, digital currency can be transferred to contractually approved parties as a way of sharing revenue.

TriForce Tokens is also working on other MVPs, including a games marketplace and a player reward platform which together can form the basis of a tech-enhanced games publishing framework.

Strength in Partnerships

Ever since its inception, TriForce Tokens has recognized the need for strong advocates and relevant voices in the gaming and technology industries. As such, it has forged strategic partnerships to further strengthen its market position via partner resources and community presence.

In one of its more notable partnerships, TriForce Tokens has partially acquired publishing studio TheGameWall Studios, essentially making it TriForce’s publishing arm. This should translate to a huge increase in network influence, allowing it to take on publishing agreements with the release of new games.

A growing list of gaming assets

Since launching its player rewards platform RaidParty, the company has amassed an impressive collection of assets in the form of games. While initially focusing on mobile, it is now working with new released on PC to diversify its assets with titles such as Eximius: Seize The Frontline.

This first-person RTS hybrid was designed for e-Sports and will be launched in September 2018. Those interested to be involved can follow the developments on their discord channel, Twitter, Telegram and Facebook.

To learn more about TriForce Tokens, visit the official website or sign up with RaidParty to win free FORCE tokens.Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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