Blockchain Tech outfit Digipharm aim to bring value-based healthcare via blockchain technology has received a significant boost with an official partnership with Swisscom Blockchain, founded by major Swiss communications and IT company Swisscom.

Majority owned by the Swiss Confederation, Swisscom serves more than two-thirds of Switzerland via the Swisscom Network and recorded over CHF 11.6 billion (USD 12.2 billion) in revenue last year. Headquartered near Bern, it is the country’s leading telecommunications and IT company, employing some 21,000 people and investing in areas such as hospitality support, cloud services, and mobile solutions.

Digipharm founder and CEO Ahmed Abdulla spoke with pride about the new alliance with Swisscom Blockchain, referring to it as an unprecedented move in the industry that will go a long way towards realizing Digipharm’s fruition in the real world. It marks a significant milestone for the company, its partners, supporters, as well as for healthcare users and systems worldwide

With this agreement, Digipharm are hopeful to be able to accelerate the development of robust, scalable platforms with the highest levels of credibility, data privacy, and inherent security. The company are working extremely hard, hand in hand with the world-class team at Swisscom Blockchain to bring fair pricing to healthcare and push the transition towards personalized therapy.

A pioneer in technology and innovation, Swisscom’s foray into blockchain technology began in September 2017, with the objective of advancing blockchain app developments in Switzerland.

Despite the flurry of interest by hundreds of blockchain startups, Swisscom has maintained a policy of selectiveness in choosing new partners but has now chosen to collaborate with Digipharm in an overall strategy, as well as infrastructure and development. Digipharm’s minimum viable product is already being developed and will be made public after the conclusion of its token generation event.

Swisscom Blockchaid head of ICO advisory Sven Möller spoke of Digipharm’s revolutionary platforms, believing them to be well positioned to further the actualization of blockchain technology in healthcare.

Sven is convinced that the partnership can make an impact on the global scale and we are delighted to support innovation at a local level. The Blockchaid core team of will work side by side with the Digipharm team to bring their vision to life, bring fair pricing to healthcare and aim to benefit patients all over the world.

The Digipharm project

Digipharm intends to bring about a restructuring of the current healthcare delivery systems, evolving from a fee-for-service model to an approach based on value. It aims to overcome limitations of infrastructure to implement value-based pricing agreements powered by smart contracts for unrivaled flexibility. This will also bring about the development of evidence platforms, while rewarding patients for contributing data.

Efficiency via blockchain will lower the access barriers for patients, introducing innovative pricing and lowering costs for all participants. By using incentivization models, personalized healthcare delivery will be quicker, while value improvements and innovations will be encouraged.

Digipharm envisions a sustainable, value-based healthcare industry with an innovative method of generating healthcare evidence that empowers patients.

To learn more, visit the Digipharm website and read the Digipharm Medium blog. To meet and discuss with the Digipharm team, chat with them on the  Telegram channel or follow the latest updates on the Facebook page.

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