Blockchain projects are going from strength to strength at an accelerating pace; new and innovative real world-application platforms are emerging and some are making quite a significant impact on the global financial industry.

It takes some serious negotiations for a blockchain solution/platform to enter into traditional markets, especially ones that are entering the fintech space. One blockchain startup, the Hive Project has been demonstrating excellence for some time.

Hive Project

Hive Project is a blockchain-based invoice financing solution, leveraging distributed ledger technology to bring a unique fingerprint to each invoice issued, enabling businesses to automate the invoicing process and edging the far-reaching benefits of blockchain to commercial industries, especially that of the financing market which pushed past EUR 3 trillion in annual volume this year.

Named the best token sale of 2017 at CoinAgenda Global, Hive Project (HVN) has recently struck significant strategic partnership with Gosocket, a social business network that connects over 1 Million active users across 12 countries in Latin America.

The partnership has huge implications and is one of the very first successful use-cases of blockchain technology; now, half a billion invoices are ready for funding on the HVN_Anticipos Terminal.

Ugur Yildirim, partner and CFO at Hive Project, stated:

“Today is a remarkable day for our young fintech company, with us completing our token sale less than a year ago.”

The business deal between the Hive Project and Gosocket has been signed and sealed, giving Hive the coveted status of being one of the first blockchain-startups to enter the established economic framework.

HVN Token and Gosocket

The integration of the HVN token into Anticipos, the Gosocket advance payment solution; Gosocket is a behemoth in Latin America with over 1 million active users, almost USD 7 Billion advance payments made through their platform so far through over half a billion filled e-invoices verified.

Ugur Yildirim went on to explain:

“Merging our revolutionary blockchain-based solution and the HVN token with Gosocket’s Anticipos will not only help catapult our business growth and development in key Latin American markets but also give us the ability to use Gosocket’s technology in Europe. Apart from making a great business case in the global finance industry, this agreement will also create strong organic demand for our utility token (HVN) because all users will need it to access the invoices traded on the HVN-Anticipos Terminal.”

The HVN_Anticipos Terminal will be available very soon in the Latin American markets of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

It’s a turning point for the industry and will revolutionise financial capital for small businesses. Hive Project has demonstrated that the blockchain and fintech worlds don’t need to collide, but can merge and accomplish previously unthinkable feats.

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