Blockchain-based banking is considered the next frontier in banking that will usher in a new era of decentralization and disrupt the centralized banking system that has plagued development and trade in the world. Islamic Banking is a $3 trillion industry worldwide particularly popular in North African, South Asian and Middle East countries. Its principles involve zero interest rates and focus on more control of one’s finances than the conventional banking system.

Blockchain-based Islamic Banking is now being set up by Hada DBank, a promising new startup that will help increase transparency and bring back control to the average Islamic Bank user.

For this purpose, Hada DBank is involved in various corporate partnerships that are cementing the bank’s status as the premier Blockchain Islamic bank. Following partnerships with Digi Peso and Vostad, the bank’s official channel has now announced a crucial partnership with International Blockchain Group joining the proceedings. As part of the partnership, the top management from the IBC will join the board of advisors of Hada DBank along with other esteemed partnering pioneers. IBC will be represented by Muhammad Arif Ansari and Khurram Shroff.

Who are the latest Partners?

Hada DBank is excited to announce the partnership with IBC. The Chairman Khurram Shroff is delighted to become a part of Hada DBank’s advisory board. He is currently ranked among top 100 influential Muslims in Great Britain where a thriving Islamic Banking setup is in place. He is also an honorary civilian sponsor of Canadian Armed Forces, UAE armed forces, Pakistani Armed Forces and Saudi Armed forces. Apart from his position in the IBC, Mr. Shroff is also the chairman of Imperial Group, a prominent real estate and managing director of a private equity firm.

In a promising statement, Khurram Shroff stated that with the ability to share responsibility for capital changes and completely transparent banking, most individuals and companies will feel more at ease transacting with HADA DBank. He anticipates this platform to create inroads to new markets while optimizing emerging technologies. The company are looking up to this strong team who have indicated their commitment towards the achievement of their business goals in the near & long term.

Mr. Hishyam M, the chairman, and CEO of Hada DBank recently stated that the company were

“highly ecstatic”  to have a prominent organization such as IBC as a partner and 2 of its important members, H.E Khrurram Shroff and COO, Mr. Mohammed Arif Ansari, as Investor Relations & Expansion Advisors to HADA DBank. We believe having them on-board will enable us to explore and penetrate the Middle East region, which is one of the priority markets we intend to introduce our banking products & services during the 1st phase.”

Hada DBank Token Generation Event

Hada DBank is undergoing a pre-token generation event for its native HADA coin and its current rate is set at 1 ETH = 3000 HADA coin. The first 1 million HADA backers are eligible for a 50% discount.

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