Blockchain-powered marketplaces and advertisements are growing exponentially this year. As more and more jobs become remote-based and freelance and companies look for the best talent online, the quest for a perfect ecosystem that works for advertisers, merchants, job seekers, and consumers seems to be the need of the hour.

QashBack is a new blockchain-powered Marketing platform that is based on Reputation management and Permission-based Marketing. The new company is working on a solution that works for all stakeholders in a perfect marketplace ecosystem. The project is currently targeting the huge South East Asian Marketplace and is based in Singapore, one of the most progressive countries on Earth when it comes to innovations like blockchain technology.

Creating a Win-Win Situation for Everybody

QashBack’s marketplace leverages the incredibly powerful nature of blockchain technology to reduce what is called the inherent biases and polarization within systems. Users are rewarded with the native QBK tokens for reviews, regardless of what they write about a particular seller. This shift from the existing systems means that the polarization aspect of the existing marketplaces is neutralized.

Merchants can also incentivize customers for promoting their products or services by taking up promotional roles or make advertisements go viral. Due to the immutability aspect of the Blockchain Technology, real and factual reviews are enabled that contribute towards authenticity, transparency and cannot be removed by other third parties. With QashBack you can wave goodbye to fake reviews, censorship and lack of privacy!

The QashBack Business Model

The QashBack Market Ecosystem is looking to tap into several markets including Wellness/Beauty, Healthcare, Transit, Shopping, Food & Beverage, Travel, Entertainment and Education in the region. For this purpose, a partnership was also agreed with Oriental Mace Group with its mobile application, MyBeauty. It is a new service launched by the government of Malaysia to support the Tourism industry in the country.

It has over 1,000 beauty service providers available along with a range of product suppliers across the country that supplement this industry. The new partnership will help QashBack get an advantage using a lot of reviews of actual users and also help the Malaysian Tourism industry itself.

QashBack Token Event

QashBack is undergoing o a token generation event of its native QBK tokens. Over 1 billion tokens will be generated by the system from which only 10% will be up for grabs with a starting value of $0.40. The token sale was started from 10 December 2018 and is still ongoing. With $14 million already being raised in private sales, the company hopes that the token sale will raise a total of $36 million. QBK tokens will also be enabled to trade on the UDAX Cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong from January 5th, 2019 onwards.

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