The global video game industry is one that has continued to push the boundaries of expansion, creating a $100 billion industry marked by top-notch technological breakthroughs and showing so signs of slowing down.

As gamers all over the world continue to enjoy new possibilities and experience new ways of gaming, blockchain gaming represents the next stage for the future, with the incredible potential to disrupt the industry across a global scale with the next generation of decentralized gaming that empowers gamers and developers at the heart of its ecosystem.

Blockchain gaming is XAYA

Among the forerunners to bring this reality closer to fruition is XAYA, the ultimate gaming platform formerly known as Chimaera. From the same people who developed and invented the first true blockchain game, the Huntercoin project in 2013, XAYA is the culmination of the brightest lights in the gaming and blockchain industry.

Powered by a custom blockchain tailored specifically for the demands of gaming, XAYA will enable cost-free and real time gameplay operated in a completely decentralized and trustless manner that will be able to scale infinitely as the need arises. Using XAYA, gamers will discover what it means to be truly empowered, with full and sole ownership of all their digital characters and assets.

XAYA is now live

With the mainnet ready and live, all gamers can access wallets, both for assets and integrated gaming – once registered, these can be used across all games integrated with XAYA.

The first game on XAYA is Treat Fighter, which will launch shortly on mainnet. Brought to gamers by TrickyFast Studios, Treat Fighter lets users pit their strategies against each other as they complete expeditions, hunt for resources, craft treats and go head to head against others to build their candy armies and dominate the competition.

Previous CHI purchases will not be available until the coin sale has concluded. However, all pre-sale contributors will receive a placeholder of 50 CHI so they can start registering their names and playing.

That’s not all. Users who sign up on the forums will receive free CHI to play, allowing everyone fair and equal access to gameplay and other interactions on the system.

Adding to that, the next game to be released on XAYA by the end of 2018 is Soccer Manager Crypto – tipped to be the most successful and popular blockchain game upon release with more than 50 million downloads and counting.

Developers! XAYA wants you!

With the XAYA Mainnet live, the project is now ready to take on external developer activity. XAYA’s simplicity means that no prior knowledge of Solidity or any other blockchain programming language is required. Simply use the XAYA platform to code in any language and discover how easy it can be for experienced and novice developers to publish their own creations alongside XAYA gaming studios.

The XAYA public token sale

Having successfully concluded private and public pre-sale rounds before the launch of mainnet, XAYA now plans to begin its general public sale on August 29th, 2018. The 6-week sale will offer up the biggest sum of CHI yet, hosted on Qryptos exchange.

To learn more, visit the XAYA website and join the public sale. Chat with the XAYA team on Telegram or connect with the community on Twitter and Facebook.

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