The ImmVRse platform is dedicated to using virtual reality (VR) content and will improve the successful product further in a new and diverse way. The application is set to make millions for the VR community combining the minds of numerous creative leaders.

The blockchain startup company will provide a virtual reality sharing platform, allowing creators to sell their content and be discovered by potential employees. Blockchain is currently at the forefront of a new digital revolution that will potentially dominate the financial market – offering the largest production platform in the world. ImmvRse’s new application is powered by a new infrastructure built on the foundation of the blockchain called Ethereum, an open-source, public, computing platform and operating system which features smart contract functionality.

Why VR?

According to recent research from a survey (conducted by the Education and Employers charity) at a primary school in the UK, the results of 13,000 students showed that the majority of seven-to-eleven year olds are aiming to steer their career path into modern technology. The survey results provide proof of the popularity and interest in the ever growing industry. Virtual reality is the next big wave in consumer technology, enabling users to interact with the world around them. In the next five years, the industry will outgrow expectations, even more so with the hybrid decentralised digital sharing platform – ImmVRse.

Farabi Shayor, CEO, and founder of ImmVRse added,

“One of the key problems of the VR content industry is the current fragmentation and lack of opportunity for producers to make a lot of money. Within our platform, not only can they receive advertising revenue, but they can also sell their content to buyers and receive job offers from brands.”

About ImmVRse

The official website states, “A decentralised app allowing VR content creators to showcase their talent to companies around the world, get hired and paid using ImmVRse tokens.”

ImmVrse intend to provide a platform and ecosystem that will enable VR content creators/users to thrive and innovate. Breaking new boundaries and creating revolutionary content which can be established through virtual reality, becoming the ultimate medium. The ImmVRse tokens (IMV), are currently on presale, with nearly five thousand supporters this early in the startup. YouTube is the easiest way to get recognised globally – On the ImmVRse official website, a featured a video created by the team members described as “a system that will run hundreds of thousands of transactions without the need of human interaction.”

Built in the foundations of blockchain, ImmvRse will enable users to execute secure end-to-end encrypted transactions. Their intelligent cloud and distribution system will distribute network storage specifically designed for virtual reality. The system works by removing the data, and using mirror technology to replicate signatures. The decentralised retention engine balances the circulation supply of IMV tokens and stabilizes unpredicted volatility.

ImmVRse has formed partnerships with Kingston University, Bitcoin PR Buzz, Enter Soft, Imperial College London, Sega Sec, and many more.

The ImmVRse Team

There are numerous experienced members and advisors on the ImmVRse team who have expertise in ‘large-scale projects, marketing, human resources, infrastructure development, process specialisation, and significantly, blockchain.’

ImmVRse recently announced their newest team member – Chief Strategy Officer, Arwen Smit, the founder of DOVU. Other key members include:

Farabi Shayor, CEO – Ten years experience in developing market deliverables, brand identities, and financial analysis, focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Limon Rahman, COO & Co-Founder  – A highly driven entrepreneur with practical hands on experience and involvement in successful businesses in a number of fields

Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing  – `Over four years of experience in marketing and journalismm and previous co-founder of MadBuzzHK

ImmVRse will not only act as a marketplace for virtual reality content creators, they will also be offering a reward system for users who interact, by paying them via IMV tokens. More information can be accessed on the official website –

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