The future of decentralization is increasingly being touted as an interconnected network of services focused on interoperability of services. This future is what an enterprising alliance of blockchain startup is set to usher in. INGOT Coin has partnered with several blockchain companies to create a unified front dedicated to furthering the growth of blockchain-based innovation. Taking its name from a Japanese word capturing the effect of sunlight streaming through leaves, Komorebi, the alliance comprises of GMEX-Group, BolttCoin, Modern Finance Chain (MFChain), SwachhCoin, Black.Insure, PlaceToRent (PTRT), Bineuro and Stella. The alliance is set to offer the crypto community a single ecosystem for token sales and services, allowing the community to enjoy a wide range of discounts and other privileges across platforms.

Unifying Development and Accessibility

With the alliance, INGOT Coin aims to address the fragmented nature of the blockchain industry and the inefficiency of current development.

Hirander Misra, Chairman, and CEO of GMEX Group commented:

We are entering an era where the value of individual Blockchain enabled ecosystems combining through joint ventures will lead to a new paradigm of Token Augmenting Partnerships (TAP) creating a network effect, which will propagate to create greater value.”

Komorebi believes that the a unified ecosystem for the crypto community is critical to the next stage of development for the industry. By establishing a platform where the community can access and use all their facilities simultaneously, users can avail themselves of different benefits within the blockchain industry and diversify their assets. Komorebi brings together different enterprising  token generation events from different industries including insurance, health, real estate, financial services, and E-commerce. Instead of a singular benefit from token sale event, the platform is now affording the community compound advantages across different industries, enabling them to diversify the portfolio at no extra cost.

Ahmed Khawanky, CMO of INGOT Coin stated:

As of now, this does not exist in the Crypto markets, financial markets or in any market. Joining one TGE will provide you with innovative services, eventually, but even at this point the services are limited.”

Working alongside other blockchain companies,  INGOT Coin will be aiding the development of the alliance by facilitating access to state-of-the-art technology, providing business expertise, and further enabling industry connectivity & operational excellence. Alliance members will work together for the common good of the community and the industry, creating a frictionless and easy-to-use platform for real-time access to tokens and their utilities.

About INGOT Coin

INGOT Coin is creating an interconnected community built on trust and cooperation for a all encompassing financial ecosystem. The platform aims to place financial freedom in the hands of the community through cutting-edge solutions built on blockchain technology for disintermediated and decentralized exchange of values globally.

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