Video games have become something far more than just a casual past-time; from its humble beginnings in the arcades to the industry boom caused by the successes of console and PC gaming, video gaming has become a mainstream, competitive and a profitable market — even for the players themselves.

E-Sports and E-Money

Games are highly competitive, and as technology and video game concepts evolved, it became evident that players were beginning to take some of the most popular online multiplayer games very seriously, giving rise to the world of E-sports.

Players from all over the world can now battle it alone or in teams out for glory, for their sponsors and huge cash prizes. E-sports are massive and now offer the chance for the most skilled of players to make a career from their favourite games.

A blockchain gaming project from the United Kingdom is boldly entering the E-sports market, offering cryptocurrency as prizes instead of a cash pot. Blockchain gaming startup TriForce has just announced the release date for the first part of their technology, RaidParty as part of a broader collaborative effort with UK based video game studio, TheGameWall.

Blockchain Meets Video Games

TriForce has found an exciting way to bring blockchain technology and video games together; the company aims to be the industry standard on multiple gaming platforms, their utilization of blockchain technology offers player-to-player trades and a unique market honorary system that rewards players for collaborative gameplay, providing a new way to monetize play time.  

The partnership with TheGameWall studios, an award-winning independent game publisher studio from Cambridge, brings with it a brand new game for players to play and compete for cryptocurrency rewards.

Ethereum and FORCE for the Players

RaidParty from TriForce is a social engagement platform for gamers; it’s designed to connect the entire gaming community alongside TriForce tokens (FORCE), which players can earn while playing games they love.

On the 7th of May, 2018, RaidParty goes live, and players can compete for prizes of up to 10 ETH on the platforms flagship game WarGate, a 3v3 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, which is available on Android and iOS devices.

The release will be limited to the first 150,000 players to sign up; to qualify for the chance to win the top prize of 10 ETH; players must complete at least ten matches within the 30 day reward period to be entered into the prize draw.

But it’s not just Ethereum that is up for grabs, and players can also earn FORCE tokens for completing specific tasks across a number of games that are also to be released; FORCE tokens can also be redeemed at later stages in the platform’s development for gaming merchandise, other cryptocurrencies and exclusive content.

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