With hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world available to traders, it’s a lot of work for companies looking to list tokens to select those which offer the best service. Choosing the right exchange means the having the correct exposure to potential investors and traders, leading to greater prospects for success.

ImmVRse is a decentralized virtual reality platform that aims to disrupt the current ecosystem and introduce innovations that will bring efficiency to the VR marketplace. It understands the importance of a good exchange and successfully listed its IMVR token on DDEX.


DDEX is an advanced decentralized exchange that allows for direct wallet to wallet exchanges of crypto assets using Ethereum Smart Contracts. With DDEX listing, IMVR, an ERC20 token, is now available to traders and investors on three exchanges.  

The CEO of ImmVRse, Farabi Shayor said that, “We would like deliver the amazing crypto community with multiple options to join and cooperate with us in the development of disruptive platforms that we aim to develop. DDEX provides an exceptional platform and prospect for current and upcoming IMVR traders to trade using a next-generation and cutting-edge user interface.”

In line with the listing, DDEX has announced a trading competition, with a total of 400,000 IMVR to be distributed to the winners. The competition is in progress and will run until October 7th, 2018.

About ImmVRse

Virtual Reality is billed as one of the biggest arena of consumer technology in the coming years. According to a forecast by Goldman Sachs, the technology and the industry has the potential to grow into an immense $110 billion USD market by 2025.

ImmVRse is a virtual reality content sharing platform that aims to facilitate content creators to get their VR product and services directly to consumers. Gearing itself to be the leader in VR market, the platform employs a smart contract based DApp that will let people, sellers and consumers to interact on the marketplace. Powering the platform is their native IMVR token, which will act as a medium of exchange within the marketplace.

About DDEX

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, DDEX uses technologies from 0x Protocol and others to create a truly decentralized exchange. It is an extremely secure platform and eliminates the need to sign up and make deposits and does not have the vulnerabilities that traditional centralized exchanges are prone to.

In terms of the number of transactions and trading volume, DDEX is one of the top decentralized exchanges in the world. The platform also offers a friendly fee structure and a greater degree of liquidity. The platform allows users to trade directly from their own wallets, meaning that it never handles cryptocurrencies directly and traders are always in control of their assets.

For information on the VR industry disruptor, ImmVRse, visit their website: https://immvr.se/

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