Virtual Reality (VR) and other forms of visual reality technologies are making their way into classrooms, learning centres and all parts of the education experience from children to adults. Many have gone so far as to labelling it the future of education. But, the nascent technology is still in infancy for mass adoption by the education circles and there is a need to undergo research on its impacts.

The most important impact according to a nation-wide survey in the US by Samsung is learning and keeping students engaged in the classroom as 86 percent of the teachers felt that it was a challenge that only technology could achieve.

ImmVRse, a decentralized VR content platform has revealed that it is partnering with the Kingston University and Imperial College London to research into VR and its impacts in education, as well as other sectors.

VR and Neural Activity

The most important impact on VR is arguably going to be in understanding the effect of the technology on the neural activity of the brain. ImmVRse and its research team is trying to find answers to how much of an impact is on the individual’s ability to absorb information.

VR is going to affect millions of people and their lives in the near future so it is necessary that we get to know how much of an impact VR has on the neural regions.

For this purpose, ImmVRse has also announced a crucial partnership with an innovative company Basis Neuro. Basis Neuro is working on a range of totally brain-controlled gadgets and services. The partnership will see ImmVRse benefit from the proprietary algorithms developed by their partner for analyzing brain signals which will ultimately help the company in understanding and putting to use the complex relationship between VR and neural activity.

ImmVRse-VR Content Platform

ImmVRse is primarily a VR content sharing platform specifically designed to cater for the needs of the VR community while benefiting from the immense potential of Blockchain Technology and decentralization. VR content creators on the platform will be incentivized with native tokens of the ImmVRse platform while at the same time providing a cutting edge viewing experience for a cutting edge technology like VR.

The ImmVRse team

Led by CEO Farabi Shayor, the team has a plethora of talent for developing market deliverables, brand identities, marketing, IT project management, software development, etc. Limon Rehman is COO & co-founder while other important personnel include Adrian Chan, the Head of Marketing, Mark Higgins the Chief Information Officer and Peter Gostincar, Chief Technology Officer.

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