The yachting business is a real economy sector with a lot of activity happening around the world. There is private yachting that is popular with the more affluent sections of the public but there is also a lot of charter yachting. Yacht ticketing is a big money spinner for the yachting business operators. As a result, there is a lot of other services relating to yachting that amount to a decent activity around the world like navigation, booking, and advertising that are very lucrative.

Digital Navigation system BoatPilot is an established name in yachting business booking, hardware navigation solution provision and development. It has been in operation for over six years for both private and charter yachting and is a part of the real economy sector. It has recently launched a new blockchain-based navigation platform named BoatPilot as well and is all set for its inaugural token generation event.

A Marine Navigation Platform

Marine navigation is different than navigation on dry land and BoatPilot’s marine navigation system is a rarity in the blockchain sector. It has the features of a classic map plotter like Google Maps but has also added several innovative features including Interactive Pilot, mode support and Augmented Reality Support as well as hardware modules like BoatGod.

BoatGod is a hardware-based option that allows collection of statistics from onboard systems and helps in aggregation and verifying of geolocational data. In addition to these navigational options, the BoatPilot is also offering Pocket Skipper, an advertising marketplace application that can be used for booking, selling, and reserving yachts and other marina items available.

Marine enthusiasts, tourists, operators, and agents can take full advantage of the innovative BoatPilot’s constellation of services and increase their revenues. The system has the inbuilt capacity to add comments and correct content from other navigational data submitted by users just like Google Maps and other map services, but this one is reserved for the Marine operations.

Tapping a Massive Market

The total market share of the marine navigation is over $74 billion according to latest estimates. The fastest growing regions include Asia and Latin America with CAGR of 3.36% and 3.3% respectively. BoatPilot’s aim is to capture over 2.5% of the market by as early as 2019 with its charts licensing approach and 1.5% of the geo-targeted advertisements sales. BoatPilot’s already successful story in marine yachting is going to be a big factor in achieving these substantial goals.

Token Generation Event (TGE)

The main Token Generation Event of the BoatPilot platform will commence from April 1, 2018, and will continue for a few weeks. The native token isthe NAVI token and the TGE will commence with a soft cap of $3.2 million and a hard cap of $9.5 million. More than 281 million NAVI tokens will be available in the event and the base price is set at $0.07. All the unsold tokens will be burned after the token generation is complete. Visit the Website:

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