Developers all over the world are invited to participate in Bytom’s first ever Global Dev Competition. This event will see two million of Bytom’s highly acclaimed BTM tokens awarded to participants. Notably, this acclaimed cryptocurrency grew to an all-time high of over a dollar each, despite the bearish sentiment of the current market, making it a distinctive digital asset.

The Developer Competition is in line with Bytom’s mission as a flagship platform for artificial intelligence on a blockchain protocol. Following the successful launch of its mainnet in April of 2018, Bytom has set its sights on catapulting blockchain technology to new heights through strategic and technical alliances in China and other international markets. The company’s goal is to expand into a full-fledged, sustainable, open-source ecology, delivering cutting-edge solutions that combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

To further this goal, Bytom is looking to tap into a global talent pool to strengthen and grow the development of its platform as it positions itself as an industry leader. Through the competition, Bytom aims to work alongside the leading minds of tomorrow’s development in bridging the digital and physical world. It plans to do this by establishing a decentralized network where various digital and physical assets can be registered and exchanged.

Tomorrow’s Mission Today

Registration for the competition is now open

Talented developers and development teams from all over the world can freely register on the platform and upload their projects for preliminary evaluation.

Following the submission, a shortlist will be announced for the final stage which will be held in Hangzhou, China from October 18th to the 21st. Contestants will be given technical guidance and support from experts to help realize their project. The winner of the event will be awarded with two million BTM coins. An in-depth developer guide of the platform has been made available.

Bytom will also be hosting a Developers Conference at the end of October in Silicon Valley. The conference is geared at helping developers better understand the opportunities offered by Bytom.

Three Paths Offered for Developers

Recognising the myriad of possibilities available to developers, Bytom has created three directions to help guide developers. The first is that developers will be able to build DAPPs on Bytom for financial use cases such as blockchain-based bonds or equity issuances.

Next, developers can also introduce tokenization logic networks to create token-based applications. An example of this is Hong Kong TV station which has begun tokenizing their assets on the Bytom blockchain.

Finally, supporting tools can also be built by developers to expand the functions of Bytom blockchain, unlock new abilities or upgrade existing ones. Examples of these are the one-button AI Miner built by Discus-Fish/F2Pool to improve mining for large-scale mining equipment in Bytom’s computing power. Another would be the Btm-scan blockchain browser, created by Bytom technical. Btm-scan is used in several activities running on the Bytom blockchain.

About Bytom

Launching its mainnet early this year, Bytom has established its presence as a leading blockchain platform. It uses an interpretative computer language called Equity, which is Turing complete. The goal of Bytom is to connect assets using a blockchain, thereby enhancing their security, liquidity, and value.

Bytom Blockchain Protocol aims to become the world’s largest dedicated public blockchain to link diverse asset classes and increase their value, liquidity, and security.

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