Chronoswiss have recently announced a collaboration with Tech Bureau Europe to create five luxurious watches inspired by the concept of cryptocurrency. Each model is limited edition, with only 101 of each design being produced. They are for sale exclusively on the cryptocurrency exchange platform Zaif.

Swiss watch designers Chronoswiss worked closely with Japanese business Tech Bureau in creating the exclusive series of crypto-design watches, based on the Flying Regulator Open Gear. The team pride the design’s high-end aesthetic, with Chronoswiss being a long-established Swiss watch manufacturer known for producing high-quality goods. The company has looked to integrate their traditional authenticity with the unique crypto theme.

The five crypto-design watches soon available for purchase are as follows:

Bitcoin – the currency

NEM – the harvest

Ethereum – the contract

Zaif – the exchange

COMSA – the token

They are all subject to the production restriction of only 101 items from each model.

Chronoswiss describes the watches as luxury timepieces, boasting manufacturing quality according to highest Swiss watchmaking standards. With both aesthetics and quality being assured by the designer, many crypto enthusiasts will likely be keen to purchase the watches before they sell out.

Their distinguishing aesthetic characteristics include:

  • Regulator movement with off-center hours and seconds displays
  • Skeletonized Open Gear technology that makes the regulator mechanism the central design element
  • Innovative and technically integrated 3-D dial, individually designed for each edition: Logo of the respective Cryptocurrency elaborately skeletonized in the small seconds and in the logo print on the dial.
  • Individual limitation number painted by hands
  • Skeletonized, red gold-plated rotor with Cryptocurrency logo which can be admired through the sapphire glass back.
  • Solid stainless steel case with ultra-hard and scratch-resistant diamond-like carbon coating (5.000 Vickers).
  • Exclusively manufactured by hand in the Atelier Lucerne.

Oliver Ebstein, CEO of Chronoswiss recently commented on the launch of the watch collection, noting the correlation between cryptocurrencies and his company. As Chronoswiss was founded during the quartz crisis, the business was left to design purely mechanical watches. Ebstein describes the choice to continue only producing this style watch as ‘’connecting tradition and vision’’.

He went on to describe this as propelling Chronoswiss to be ‘’curious and open-minded about the future’’. With Ebstein understanding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as important aspects of the future, he vowed Chronoswiss would follow and support them. As Ebstein sees it, The homage to cryptocurrencies in the new collection joins the roots of traditional watchmaking with the digital revolution of cryptocurrencies.

Sold Exclusively via the Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif

The limited-edition watches can be purchased by anyone registered on Zaif. The corresponding auctions will take place within specified time frames between April 13th to 27th, with the watches listed in the same way as tokens. Customers must place their bids as buy orders. The 101 highest bids per model will give the respective bidders legal ownership of one crypto-design watch.

To learn more visit the Website:

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