CoinCrowd have made a breakthrough protocol that puts fairness and security at the forefront, and this is committed to changing the token sale scenario for good. The team at CoinCrowd are motivated by the need to bring an equal and level field of fairness back into the market. After a very unsettling few months of companies running the normal token sale model. A year has passed and this new has been in the making, this technological advancement for the token sale infrastructure will lead token sales towards a new standard, marking a new era for token events, using the DAICO model.


The DAICO model stands out far above the current Token Sale model that incorporates certain aspects of DAO’s. The idea was originally suggested by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, and is set for making Token events more secure, using contributors in the initial project development process.

The DAICO Protocol

CoinCrowd using the all new DAICO protocol, is set to be launched with ease, enabling users to utilize any token sale platform, with the aggregation of automatically generated smart contracts. This will all happen internally using a Milestone Control System, providing participants with guarantees. Coins will be released only at the accomplishment of predefined points set into their token sale structure.  Participants will be able to vote-for-refund to have all their contributions returned, if they are not satisfied with the progress being made by the company.

The Exchange

Any DACIO that finishes using this new protocol will automatically get a listing on the new CoinCrowd decentralized exchange. Giving users a safe place to trade using a decentralized critical processes. This new system will also leave the management of private keys and the settlement of assets, additionally allowing instant transactions through off-chain book orders and matching engine. The CoinCrowd Exchange is ready for integration onto mobile/desktop wallets.

The Wallet

CoinCrowd Wallet, gives users a single platform to manage the multiple stages of any token event structure. With an easy-to-trade multiple coins, fiat currency converter and an option to participate in token events, all while finalizing all the KYC processes within the wallet.

The wallet is multi-functional supporting multiple accounts, and it is compatible with ENS, defined resolutions for Ethereum addresses. The wallet provides the best option in security with a combination of Biometric ID and user pin access, with users being the sole owners of their private keys.

The CoinCrowd Token Event

CrowdCoins native XCC token, has a purpose and that is the gas for the entire outfit. This protocol is open source, any persons can sign onto GitHub and read the code, this is to facilitate mass adoption worldwide.

Any fees generated by the exchange are used for token burning, this allows for increasing adoption and decreasing supply, this has an exhaustive value on the remaining tokens. Giving back plentyfull more rewards to the token holders.

The CoinCrowd team is made up from a passionate team of developers who have been working in the Blockchain Technologies sector for a long time, delivering high-end products to the user.

Since the wallet released in March, CoinCrowd has worked tremendously hard to release the prototype of the all new DAICO protocol, which will first be put to test in the CoinCrowds impending event, making it one of the words first to use this protocol

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