Cryptocurrencies and conventional fiat currencies are often seen as two separate entities that may not co-exist. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and autonomous, whilst fiat currencies are controlled by governments in which the supreme power lies with a singular party. This is one of the reasons why the global outreach and growth of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream currency are being stalled in the eyes of many. For truly global application, cryptocurrencies need to adapt to conventional banking channels directly.

The banking and financial sectors need to be integrated with cryptocurrency exchanges and financial platforms and they need to do it fast. THe rapid growth and innovation represents a huge opportunity for a relatively incumbent industry. CoinMetro, a cryptocurrency exchange and proponent of this school of thought, is aiming to make cryptocurrency access easier, more widespread and cheaper than ever. CoinMetro is currently engaged in its token sale and has raised over $4,000,000 in the first 12 hours of its sale.

The Case for Crypto Mass Adoption

The assimilation-disruption debate has always been present in cryptocurrency circles ever since inception. Pro-assimilation are for using the positive developments of the crypto revolution to make the current system better while the disruptors promote a cryptocurrency-based future, with the view that the current system is corrupt and not repairable. Kevin Murkco, the CEO of CoinMetro sums it up best below:

“Crypto mass-adoption can only become a reality if we are able to simplify access, made possible with the help of traditional financial partners – mainly banks, and those relationships are only feasible with regulation. The anarcho-capitalist dream of a completely autonomous monetary system, at least given the current global financial ecosystem is, for the near term, effectively dead. Regulation is a given, what we as a community need to ensure is that we are a part of the regulatory process at all levels – if we are not… we risk getting regulated out of the very industry we helped create.”

CoinMetro’s Features

CoinMetro is using a revolutionary feature called Atomic Swapping for increased market flexibility and further decentralization. Atomic swaps are time-based smart contracts-based escrow that remove the need for exchanges or other third parties in between and the time-lapse allows traders from all background an option to make trades successfully.

Other features include:

    • Extremely low fees – as low as 0.075%, with a capacity to go even lower.
    • A lending feature to generate passive income using crypto holdings.
    • Direct payment process for fiat-crypto payment
    • Crypto debit card
    • ICO express platform
  • Secure cold storage for long-term storage of Crypto

CoinMetro Token Generation Event (TGE)

The main TGE of CoinMetro started on February 21st, 2018 and will continue till 31st March 2018. Over 300 million native XCM tokens will be available for sale and the price will start from 11 Euro cents and increase 1 Euro cent per next 50 million sold till the maximum price of 15 Euro Cents is achieved.

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