The impact of cryptocurrencies is continuing to shape the modern world. Countless industries are being entirely revamped and improved thanks to blockchain technology. The crypto world is full of exchange platforms and more will come along in the future. Some will flourish and many will fade away. This is partly do to the void between the conventional and crypto spheres. Blockchain is undoubtedly revolutionary and the technology is certainly here to stay. However, mainstream adoption on a global scale is yet to be realised. CoinMetro look to change that, by bridging this gap with their all in one trading platform.

CoinMetro has elevated themselves as a leading exchange that is here to stay. A native of Estonia, CoinMetro is situated in a hotbed for cryptocurrencies. They are in a fortunate position to be based in one of the most crypto friendly countries in the world. Many decentralised platforms offering trading services are following suit by heading to Estonia to acquire licensing to help them accept and exchange both fiat and cryptocurrencies. With transparency as a focus, CoinMetro is leading the way forward by successfully acquiring a trading licence in Estonia.

The trading industry is set to change, with the CoinMetro exchange. Boasting a wealth of experience CoinMetro and the FXPIG brand erupted onto the scene in 2011 with an aim to disrupt the forex industry. They had a unique focus to push transparency and have their clients best interest in mind.

An Estonian License For CoinMetro

CoinMetro has successfully secured a groundbreaking trading license from the Estonian government. The approval has already allowed them to expand their operations in Estonia as they continue to thrive. In the wake of the soon to be launched exchange platform, the masses can hope to enjoy crypto services. Complete with fast transactions on a simple platform that all levels of traders can benefit from. The new platform will promote ease of use and convenience, by offering services such as exchanging fiat for crypto, crypto for fiat and crypto to crypto.  

The approved license serves as a milestone to bridge traditional forex trading with cryptocurrency. Indeed, users are now able to instantly wire money or use their credit card to buy cryptocurrencies on the platform. There is no more waiting with easy and fast transactions as users can also cash out their cryptocurrency to fiat as they please. With such a simple and unique concept users are now able to trade with proficiency, just as they would on a traditional forex platform.

Compliance at its Core

CoinMetro is designed to benefit the masses, by offering an all in one platform set to revamp the industry. Blockchain technology has massively impacted the banking sector and with such regulations, the most acceptable way of bringing cryptocurrencies to light is to comply with these laws and regulations. This is clearly paying off for CoinMetro, as the company is gaining major traction with their regulatory licenses. Their vision is becoming a reality and users will soon be able to enjoy a decentralised trading platform that is familiar and made for everyone.

What CoinMetro Have to Offer

CoinMetro has a lot to offer, their different cryptocurrency services suit the needs of people from all walks of life:

  • The everyday user: When launched, the platform will not only offer an eWallet, but a crypto debit card which users will be able to use to spend their crypto balances, just like a regular debit card.
  • The serious trader: From individuals to institutional investors, the platform will comprise ETCFs, Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) and an exchange to satisfy even the most experienced of traders.
  • The Token sale visionary: By taking care of the whole token sale launch process, including KYC, distribution and listing on its own exchange, CoinMetro will release developers of the burden of coin offerings, allowing them to concentrate on their core objectives of providing blockchain based services.

CoinMetro has a goal to allow users to seamlessly transition between conventional and cryptocurrency trading. Users are provided with an e-wallet within the platform, that is encrypted and secure. The wallets and private keys are held by the users or stored on their behalf, to

optimise security and ease.

CoinMetro is on the verge of bringing the cryptocurrency world to the palm of users hands. With a vision to bring cryptocurrency to the masses, their platform is the key to doing so. To find out more, visit their Website. You can also read the Whitepaper here. CoinMetro also welcomes you to connect on Telegram.

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