CoinSpectator is a leading crypto and blockchain news aggregator on the internet, providing the full spectrum of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin news pulled from hundreds of different sources globally.

CoinSpectator picks up the news, events and opinions related to the industry in real-time on their live feed, and has been used by Bitcoin News journalists to source numerous stories on Bitcoin News is proud and honored to be announcing a partnership with this premier news aggregator, meaning that all published stories will be displayed in the CoinSpectator live news feed.

CoinSpectator launched in 2013 as a simple cryptocurrency blog, but soon grew into the #1 crypto and blockchain news aggregator via combining thousands of sources into their news feed. It is common for dozens of stories per hour to be posted on CoinSpectator and since their launch, they have hosted well over 100,000 stories.

Whether you are a cryptocurrency investor, trader, or enthusiast, CoinSpectator provides all the information needed to keep up to date and be an expert in the field. When trading and investing in cryptocurrency or blockchain, the news on its live feed can give the competitive edge that leads to profits instead of losses. CoinSpectator doesn’t miss any important news story about crypto and blockchain, so if you can consistently follow the aggregator, you will learn about important news right when it breaks and will be able to make informed trading decisions while they are still relevant. This is much better than hearing about news from the mainstream media, since at that point lots of other people have heard the news and the market has already been impacted.

Go to today and start using their cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin news aggregator to be informed and stay informed. Be the first among your friends, family, and business partners to know about the latest breaking blockchain and crypto news.


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