The big data nonprofit Cosima Foundation has collaborated with ad platform Avazu to create a blockchain designed to leverage AI and big data in an effort to alleviate problems in the digital advertising industry. The mission behind DATx to build a healthy ecosystem where users actively participate and are rewarded for doing so, publishers are rewarded for providing better traffic and ad placements to effective and relevant advertising, and advertisers can target their optimal audience with precision and avoid wasting resources chasing those who don’t want to hear their message.

The Problems in Advertising

In traditional media, advertisements are always one-size-fits-all. Everyone has a mobile phone these days. Users connect more closely with mobile phones than with other mediums. This intimacy makes it easy for big data to find patterns, delivering both accuracy and innovation. Instead of pushing the same advertising content to each and every person, the technology will allow advertisers to target their audience to only the most relevant potential customers.

The technology will deliver specific information about the user’s interaction with the advertisement: the time it was viewed, how long it was viewed, what actions were performed and whether they made the purchase. DATx intends to support one million transactions per second (TPS) on their blockchain. Since even the fastest blockchains are not able to support over one hundred thousand TPS, the project is in the planning stages of developing improved data storage and consensus mechanisms to support this level of throughput. DATx’s core team is composed of over 80 members, including senior executives from Avazu.

Avazu is the first advertising platform to be compatible with DATx and will give it the ability to customize native advertisements and acquisitions of its customers. Native advertisements fit in to the media in which they appear and don’t disrupt the user. They blend into the content and users remain engaged with it instead of being put off. DATx believes that customizing the design of native advertising will allow users to better interact with them and get incentives.

Exploring the Roadmap

Stage I of DATx will see the product launch as a user-oriented behavioral archive. This behavior archive will allow any ad platform that joins DATx to see every step of user behavior from start to finish as recorded in the blockchain. An incentive mechanism will be implemented to reward, with tokens, contributions made by users and publishers.

Stage II next year will implement upgrades that will utilize AI and the behavior archive to recommend content and enhance ad performance. The goal in Stage III is to evolve into a advertising ecosystem, with a fully implemented DATx blockchain and more D-Apps (distribution applications) being added to the ecosystem.

DATx token

The official cryptocurrency, DATx token, is now available for sale to institutional investors. 10 billion DATx tokens will be issued. In the early stages, token distribution will be slightly higher in order to attract new publishers and users. As participation increases, the amount of available tokens will degrade over time.

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