Continuing its quest to make the world of cryptocurrencies accessible to the mainstream market, MinexSystems, developers of Minexcoin and MinexBank products, is proud to announce the release of its much-anticipated iOS app. Following a thorough and rigorous verification process, the app is now available on the official Apple App Store for download. iPhones and iPads owners will now be apple to safe access, store, and transfer MNX on the go without needing to download and install wallet files.

Hailed as a landmark event not only for the forward-thinking company but also the entire blockchain industry due to App Store’s rigorously systematic and thorough inspection protocols, MinexSystems has now opened the path for blockchain-based FinTech startups to avail their project to the mainstream market. App Store is renowned for its comprehensive and meticulous review of all submitted apps, especially the legal aspect. In turn, this has turned the Store into the world’s leading storefront for mobile application, effectively giving apps approved by the staff as a seal of confidence from the company.

MinexSystem’s CEO Boris Shulyaev gave a statement about the arduous journey to winning Apple App Store’s confidence. He stated that it took as long as two months for MinexBank to be finally added to the App Store, following lengthy negotiations, the provision of evidence, legal review and other processes. Following these processes, MinexBank was proven to be transparent and operating within the confines of the law. In addition, the company proved its

cross-platform status and once again have shown the team works hard and solves even time-consuming issues.

MinexBank iOS app and its Android version not only enables all functionalities of MinexSystem’s product whenever and wherever but has also cemented the company’s cross-platform status in the industry.

Similar to its Android version, MinexBank for iOS offers a wide range of features for an on-the-go cryptocurrency experience. These features include:

  • Send, receive, and park MNX with a single touch.
  • View parked coins and parking rates
  • Re-park MNK coins for different durations.
  • Real-time monitoring of all transactions and bank operations
  • Exclusive access to updates and platform development news

Users with their own personal MinexBank account can simply download the app, sign in with their wallet address and password, and have access to their account. With its mobile apps now available on two of the most dominant mobile operating system, MinexSystems has now turned its attention to the continuing development of its Atomic SWAP decentralized, fee-less exchange platform.

Atomic SWAP technology enables users to exchange cryptocurrency from one form to the other directly across blockchains without requiring any third-party to facilitate the transaction. Aimed at ushering true decentralization into cryptocurrency exchange, MinexSystems trustless and feeless DEX is being positioned as the game changer the industry has been waiting for.

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