Writing tools have always been a part of man’s history. Whether it be cave drawing by simple sticks and fingers to record a good hunt or a signature today on a document that changes the balance of powers, the modern pen changed how the world worked.

Italian Craftsmanship at its Best: Ancora 1919

Ancora 1919’s history is over a century old. Giuseppe Zanini received a fountain pen from one of his relatives who had returned from America. At that time there was no good quality pen manufacturer in Italy and all good pens were imported from various parts of the world. Zanini, an inquisitive person, was interested in how the pen worked. This led him to setup his own pen manufacturing company.

Zanini understood the need for high quality pens and his whole business concept had been towards making hand made, luxury pens that appeals to people all over the world. His vision has made Ancora 1919 one of the best pen manufacturers in the world, with pens now sold all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Pens: Classical Pens in the Digital Age

Zanini’s Ancora 1919, has made its name by creating unique pens that are made from exotic materials. There are pens that are covered in precious stones and gems, volcanic stones from Vesuvius, a semi active volcano and even from wooden fixtures recovered from the sunken Titanic. Keeping in with its tradition of making unique pens, Ancora 1919 has launched a limited edition of Ethereum-inspired fountain and rollerball pens. This is the second time it has ventured into making such unique pens after its earlier, highly successful Bitcoin Pens.

The Ethereum pens are colored shiny black, dotted with golden colored Ethereum logos. Each pen is, as is the manufacturer’s tradition, handmade and there is a number etched on the bottom, uniquely identifying each of the 88 fountain or 888 rollerball pens that will be manufactured.

Token Generation Inspired Distribution Event

Ancora 1919 has left nothing behind when it comes to cryptocurrency pens. During the Pre-production Stage, the pens will be available for early backers with a 50% discount, going for $1250 and $1000 for fountain and rollerballs respectively. This event is active and will last till 8th of May.

Beginning 12th May, the main event (Production Stage) will see the pens going for a 40% discount, with tags of $1500 for fountain and $1200 for rollerball. This event will last till 27th May. After, any unsold pens will be available for public for a full price of $2500 (fountain) and $2250 (rollerball) from 1st July onwards.

Just like most cryptocurrencies, the pens are capped at 88 fountain and 888 rollerball pens. No more will ever be made by Ancora 1919, making each pen (with its individual number engraved on it) a one of a kind pen that will give pleasure to write with. Customers can acquire any number in the series they desire, however, first come, first serve policy applies.

For more information on the Ethereum inspired pens, visit their website: https://www.eth-pen.com/

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