Databroker DAO Helps Unleash the Potential In Untapped Data

In today’s world it has become evident that personal data is becoming increasingly valuable. Data has become a valuable asset to businesses, who can target specific demographics and markets based on their personal information. However, in recent times the way some organisations collects and stores data has become unethical as personal data has been obtained without the consent of many, and in some instances this valuable data has been wasted.

The IoT sensor data market is massive, spanning  600 billion USD per year. That figure is expected to double in the next three years. Most sensor data is not utilized to its full potential, because it goes through a gateway operator into data silos where it is locked away once it’s purpose has been served.

Imagine the potential if all of this untapped data was effectively utilized by data-hungry third parties. All 600 billion USD worth of data could be searched for and purchased on a decentralized network. For the first time, DataBroker DAO has transformed the data market by making this data easily accessible to individuals and businesses on the Ethereum blockchain.

A Sensor Data Revolution

The way data is used and obtained has become a hot topic in recent times. Individuals, governments and organizations alike are becoming increasingly aware of the value that data can hold. The primary market for sensor data is expected to reach 1.2 trillion USD by 2019 and it is estimated that at least 10% of this data is sought for others. With such a demand, businesses and individuals pay premium prices for the data.

DataBroker DAO has the solution. By using smart contracts on the Ethereum network, it is now possible to unlock the true value and potential of the data market. Sensor owners can now sell the data generated by their sensors and buyers can purchase this data using DTX tokens. This has massive implications on a global scale, as anyone in the world can buy data, creating a global market for local data. The result: DataBroker DAO cuts out the middleman as buyers and sellers can share data in a cost effective and ethical manner.

On the Road

To kick off DataBroker DAO’s exciting new chapter, they are hitting the road by taking part in different conferences and summits across the globe. DataBroker DAO is sharing its groundbreaking vision with the world, where organizations and individuals can network with like minded peers in order to share and experience the groundbreaking platform together. The itinerary is listed as follows:

  • April 16-17: World Blockchain Forum, Dubai.
  • April 17-19: Eventhorizon, Berlin, Germany.
  • April 18-19: Blockchain Expo, London, UK.
  • April 19: Xero-In, Amsterdam, Netherland.
  • April 23-24: Smart Island World Congress, Mallorca, Spain.
  • May 2-3: Future Blockchain Summit, Dubai.
  • May 3: FPA Connects, Dubai.
  • May 2-5: AND& Festival, Louvain, Belgium.
  • May 3-4: Arch Blockchain Summit, Luxembourg,
  • May 3-4: Blockchain in Health, London, UK.
  • May 12-13: World Satoshi Summit, New Delhi, India.
  • June 6: IOT Smart Cities Convention Europe, Antwerp, Belgium.
  • June 11-14: MoneyConf, Dublin, Ireland.
  • July 9-13: Rise Conference, Hong Kong, China.
  • October 22-25: SIBOS, Sydney, Australia.

DataBroker Token Sale

The platform is soon to undergo its main token sale, which will last a month. There is also a 10% bonus for contributors buying the DTX token in the first week.

The tokens will become available for trade a week after the sale ends on The data trading platform will then transition to the mainnet in mid Q2 2018 and gateway operators will be integrated into its system to allow for mass uploads of sensor devices.

DTX is available at $0.23 per token in the pre sale, with an additional 50% bonus. The minimum contribution must be 10 ETH in the presale and the main event will see a 10% reduction in DTX bonuses in the first week.

The true ramifications of DataBroker DAO will soon be realized. Soon, owners of isolated data from millions of sensory devices will be available anytime, anywhere. The true value of untapped data can now be utilized in a convenient and ethical manner as data owners can now monetize the data they choose to sell.

For more insight into DataBroker’s exciting new chapter visit their website, where you can also find their whitepaper. Or get in touch on Telegram and join the data revolution.


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