The DataBroker DAO team have been pondering the next steps for the company, extending their token event to the 30th June, 2018 and for every DTX purchased, participants will now receive a bonus token, with the extra tokens being locked away for a 3 month period.

The DataBroker DAO platform has undergone many positive changes since its inception, as well as opening up a wide scope of vision for the project. As new opportunities have presented themselves, and so DataBroker DAO is more than pleased to reveal these new exciting details to everyone involved.

Token Sale Extension and Token Distribution Doubled

The DTX token sale period was coming to a close, and the community put forward several questions on the DataBroker Telegram, regarding whether or not unpurchased DTX tokens would be burned or not.

DataBroker came to a solid conclusion that the best and most fair solution for the community would be to continue to distribute them to the participants. For everyone that already has and will go on to participate in the DTX token sale, one it has concluded, users automatically receive an extra token for each one purchased in the token event. This naturally increases the base rate of 4000 DTX per 1 ETH to 8000 DTX, subject t a 3 month lock-up period.

DataBroker DAO Traveling To China

The DataBroker DAO team are planning to travel to china on what is expected to be a strategic and important trip for the company. DataBroker DAO will be postponing listing DTX on the CoinFalcon exchange until this extended period has drawn to a close. In the meantime, DataBroker DAO is in the process of having the DTX token listed on reputable Chinese exchange.

As the company is heading to China for two weeks, visiting Beijing and Shanghai with two additional cities in consideration; the goal of which is to introduce the platform to the Chinese markets and shoot for the 108 Million DTX sale target.

Continued Platform Development

DataBroker DAO is on track to launch the widely anticipated dataset feature that allows data purchases to sell “Processed Datasets” i.e AI, BigData, Aggregation, Enriched Data, and it will become live on the DApp this week. DataBroker DAO wholey believes this extra monetization option can generate waves of bold innovations on an unfathomable scale.

The DataBroker team has also been in talks with external experts to finalize release contracts, as well as implementing   “a bridge between the Ethereum Mainnet with the DTX token, and the Parity based proof of authority network that will run the application.”

DTX Token Sale

As mentioned previously, the token sale for the platforms native token DTX has been extended to June 30th, 2018. The rate of exchange is now 1 ETH per 8000 DTX; this is inclusive of participants who purchased DTX prior to this announcement. 4000 of the tokens earnt per ETH will be subject to a 3 month lock-up period.

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